• International Working Groups

International Working Groups

Recognizing the need to engage in broad networks in order to engage more comprehensively an increasing number of fields that are significant for shaping the study of diversity, the Department has established a number of International Working Groups (WGs). Each WG springs from some degree of expertise and field of enquiry already existing in the Department.

While the network comprising each WG is of difference size, international scope and degree of multi-disciplinarity, the WGs have a common structure. Each has a set of Coordinators, one of which is a member of the Department (currently Vertovec for Markets and Diversity, Arnaut for Sociolinguistic Diversity, Krause for Medical Diversity and Vigneswaran for Public Space and Diversity). Each has a core Steering Committee as well as a wider network of participants. The WGs will develop initiatives for organizing workshops (in some cases to develop project proposals for third party funding), conferences, annotated bibliographies and state-of-the-art overviews.

In addition to productive meetings, communication and funding proposals, each WG will produce (indeed, most already have published) working papers for the MPI-MMG series, special issues of academic journals and edited volumes by way of advancing their respective fields.