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1-2 December 2016
Transactional Sociality: Market Moralities and Embedded Capital in Modern South Asia
Workshop funded by the MPI-MMG’s Department of Religious Diversity and the Centre for Modern Indian Studies, Göttingen University
5 December 2016
African Diversities Colloquium Winter 2016/17
Angelus Mnenuka (University of Leipzig): "The contemporaneity of Bena Orature"
6 December 2016
Religious Diversity Colloquium Winter 2016/17
Bob van der Linden (MPI-MMG): “Songs to the Jinas and of the Gurus: historical comparisons between Jain and Sikh devotional music”
8 December 2016
Open Lectures Winter 2016/17
Maria Sobolewska (University of Manchester): "Bremainers versus Brexiters: is it all about immigration? Where did the new political cleavage in the UK come from and what does it mean for the future of party politics in the UK?"
16 December 2016
Workshop "The Law and Politics of Diversity"
Workshop Organized by Ayelet Shachar, Director at the MPI-MMG. In cooperation with the University of California, Berkeley, and the Göttingen Campus
19 December 2016
African Diversities Colloquium Winter 2016/17
Giorgio Brocco (Freie Universität Berlin): "New biosocial horizons: political subjectivity and Albinism in glocal Tanzania"
19 January 2017
Open Lectures Winter 2016/17
Gabriele Rosenthal (University of Göttingen): "Migration out of poverty or flight from collective and individual violence? Biographic self-presentations of migrants and refugees from and in Africa"
6-7 März 2017
Secular Age in South, East, and South-East Asia
Workshop organized by Kenneth Dean (Asia Research Institute, and Department of Chinese Studies, National University of Singapore) and Peter van der Veer (MPI-MMG)