Dr. Bouke de Vries

Dr. Bouke de Vries

Political Science

Bouke is now Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Umeå University.


Bouke’s research interests include liberal toleration, neutrality, multiculturalism, and more recently, migration. At the institute, he was working on the question of whether volunteering should be a necessary and/or sufficient condition for (expedited) access to permanent residency and/or citizenship.

Bouke has done his PhD at the European University Institute, Florence, under supervision of Prof. Rainer Bauböck (EUI) and Prof. Alan Patten (Princeton University). During his PhD, he has been a visiting research student at Princeton University and the University of Warwick. Before coming to the European University Institute, where he previously obtained an MRes in political science, he read philosophy at the University of St Andrews (MPhil) and King’s College London (MA). He also holds a degree in Arts and Culture from Maastricht University (BA).

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