Dr. Derek Denman

Dr. Derek Denman

Political Science

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Derek Denman holds a PhD in political science from Johns Hopkins University. Derek’s research interests include the militarization of cities and borders, critical cosmopolitanism, democratic theory, and the history of space, place, and scale in political thought. His doctoral dissertation explores the implicit idea of scale, the relative size of a polity, that has shaped citizenship and belonging in political thought.

His current research examines fortifications along national borders and in urban spaces. The project sees fortification as a distinct form of power that reconfigures foreign/domestic, military/police, and war/peace distinctions. It studies the history of fortresses in political thought and mobilizes this critical history to reflect on the implications of fortifications for democratic society and social justice.

Derek served as an assistant editor for Political Theory: An International Journal of Political Philosophy from 2012–2015. In 2017 he was a participant in the National Endowment for the Humanities (US) Institute, City/Nature: Urban Environmental Humanities. He has taught political theory at Goucher College, Towson University, and Loyola University of Maryland.