Lisa Harms-Dalibon

Lisa Harms-Dalibon


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Lisa Harms is a PhD student at the Max Planck Fellow Group “Governance of Cultural Diversity” headed by Prof. Matthias Koenig.

Her research focuses on legal mobilization of religious minorities and majorities at the European Court of Human Rights. Acknowledging the rising importance of international courts as a key player in conflicts about public regulation of religion, her doctoral thesis analyses how faith-based and secular advocacy groups - through strategic litigation at the transnational level - influence the developments of the normative framework of religious liberty. She conducts her doctoral research at the University of Göttingen as well as Sciences Po Paris.

Additionally, Lisa is involved in the Fellow Group’s research project on judicial politics and the governance of religious diversity. Based on an extensive database about litigation at the European Court of Human Rights the project quantitatively analyses the development of religious claims, success rates of religious mobilization at the Court and the Court’s responses.

She is regularly in charge of seminar classes at the department of Sociology of the University of Göttingen.

Lisa holds a Master in Political Sociology from Sciences Po Paris. Her master thesis examines the accommodation of religious diversity in public institutions. Conceptually building on a new-institutionalism approach, the thesis compares the development of Muslim chaplaincy in prisons in different Länder of Germany.


[2018] « Céline Béraud, Claire de Galembert et Corinne Rostaing, De la religion en prison », Sociologie du travail [En ligne] 60(1), mis en ligne le 23 février 2018.

[2017] Surveillance and prayer – comparing Muslim prison chaplaincy in Germany’s federal states. Comparative Migration Studies, 5(8), 1-22.