Department of ethics, law and politics

Questions of citizenship, identity, and mobility are at the frontiers of scholarly research. Directed by Ayelet Shachar, researchers at the new Department of Ethics, Law, and Politics explore these developments and ask foundational questions, cutting across traditional disciplinary lines, with special emphasis placed on three interrelated themes: the relationship between diversity and equality in public law and private dispute resolution; the legal construction of borders and membership boundaries; and the intersection of states and markets in defining “who belongs“ within the political community, according to what criteria, and with what implications for shaping new disparities of mobility and opportunity at a time of profound and rapid migration and globalization pressures. The focus is on cutting-edge theoretical and legal puzzles; comparative approaches and international collaboration are strongly encouraged.

Ethics, Law and Politics Department Newsletter, Issue 1, Dec 2017 – Dec 2018

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Impressions of the conference "BORDERS, FENCES, FIREWALLS. Assessing the changing relationship of territory and institutions", October 19-20, 2017 at MPI-MMG, Göttingen

“Thinking through Uprootedness and Emplacement” - A summary by Derek Denman

Workshop "The Law and Politics of Diversity", December 16, 2016 at MPI-MMG, Göttingen

Opening Reception of the Department of Ethics, Law and Politics, October 18, 2016 at MPI-MMG, Göttingen

Impressions of the first annual Goethe-Göttingen Critical Exchange "Selling Out the Political?: Perspectives from Law, Political Economy & Critical Theory", January 15, 2016 at MPI-MMG, Göttingen

“Let the Conversation Begin” - A summary by Stefan Schlegel