Dr. Giulia Carabelli

Dr. Giulia Carabelli


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Giulia Carabelli holds a PhD in Sociology at Queen's University Belfast, a Masters in Research Architecture at Goldsmiths College, London, and a BA in History of Islamic Architecture at Ca’ Foscari University in Venezia. Her PhD thesis, developed as part of the "Conflict in Cities and the Contested State" project, examined the process of reconstructing Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina. Since receiving her PhD, Giulia has worked as a researcher at the University of Kent, she was a teaching assistant in the Development Planning Unit (UCL) and, most recently, she was a fellow in the Centre for Advanced Studies – South East Europe (CAS SEE) at the University of Rijeka. Giulia's research interest is located at the intersection of urban sociology, cultural studies, and political theory. Giulia mainly works as an ethnographer and her work has so far explored the roles and potential of grassroots movements and civil society actors in the making of urban spaces especially in contested and politically fragile environments such as Bosnia Herzegovina.

Giulia joined the 'Empires of memory: The cultural politics of historicity in former Habsburg and Ottoman cities' research group in October 2016.




Books and edited books

[2018] The Divided City and the Grassroots. The (Un)making of Ethnic Divisions in Mostar. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

[2013] (Ed.) (Re)collecting Mostar. Mostar: Abart.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

[2018] (Re)Addressing Mostar: global imaginaries, local activisms. Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 5(2): 147-165.

[2016] (with D. Lyon) Young people’s orientations to the future: navigating the present and imagining the future. The Journal of Youth Studies 19(8): 1110-1127.

[2016] (with D. Lyon) Researching Young People’s Orientations to the future: The Methodological Challenges of Using Arts Practice. Qualitative Research 16(4): 430-445.

[2013] Living critically in the present: Youth Activism in Mostar (BiH). European Perspectives- Journal on European Perspectives of the Western Balkans 5(1/8): 50-67.

Book chapters (peer-reviewed publications)

[2017] (with R. Lubbock) Neoliberalising Mostar: governmentality, ethno-national division and everyday forms of resistance. In J. Louth and K. Harrison (Eds.), Edges of Identity. Chester: UP.

[2016] Rubbers, Pens, and Crayons. Rebuilding Mostar through Art Interventions. In G. Vojvoda-Engstler and E. O’ Ciardha (Eds.), Politics of Identity in Post-Conflict States. The Bosnian and Irish Experience (pp. 116-128). London and New York: Routledge.

[2014] Gdje 4Si? Walking as a Reflexive Practice. In E. Brown and T. Shortell (Eds.), Walking the City: Quotidian Mobility and Ethnographic Methods (pp. 191-207). Ashgate.