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Peter van der Veer is a Director at MPI-MMG. He has taught Anthropology at the Free University of Amsterdam, Utrecht University and the University of Pennsylvania. In 1992 he was appointed Professor of Comparative Religion and Founding Director of the Research Center in Religion and Society in the Social Science Faculty of the University of Amsterdam. He served as Dean of the Social Science Faculty and the Amsterdam School for Social Science Research at Amsterdam, as well as Director of the International Institute for the Study of Islam, and was Chairman of the Board of the International Institute for Asian Studies, both in Leiden. In 1994 he was appointed University Professor at Large at Utrecht University, a position he continues to hold. He has held visiting positions at the London School of Economics, the University of Chicago, University of Michigan,  Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New School in New York, and National University of Singapore. He received the Hendrik Muller Award for his social science study of religion. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and a member of several advisory boards, including The Prayer Project of the SSRC in New York.

Van der Veer works on religion and nationalism in Asia and Europe. He published a monograph on the comparative study of religion and nationalism in India and China, entitled The Modern Spirit of Asia. The Spiritual and the Secular in China and India (Princeton University Press, 2013) Among his other major publications are Gods on Earth (LSE Monographs, 1988), Religious Nationalism (University of California Press, 1994), and Imperial Encounters (Princeton University Press, 2001). He was editor or co-editor of Orientalism and Post-Colonial Predicament (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1993), Nation and Migration (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1995), Conversion to Modernities (Routledge, 1997), Nation and Religion (Princeton University Press, 1999), Media, War, and Terrorism (Routledge-Curzon, 2003), Patterns of Middle-Class Consumption in India and China (Sage 2007). Most recently he edited the Handbook of Religion and the Asian City. Aspiration and Urbanization in the Twenty-First Century (University of California Press) Professor van der Veer serves on the Advisory Board of China in Comparative Perspective, Political Theology, and the Journal of Religious and Political Practice. He has just started a new journal: Cultural Diversity in China.



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Other publications

2012 ‘Market and money: a critique of rational choice theory’,, Working Paper WP 12-01

2011 '9.11之后:世界更加需要尊重伊斯兰教 (After 911: the World Needs More Respect for Islam)', in 中国民族报 (China’s Nationality News)  pdf 

2009 ‘The visible and the invisible in South Asia’,, Working Paper WP 09-09

2009 ‘Spirituality in Modern Society’,, Working Paper WP 09-10


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Distinguished Lectures

[2016a] Keynote Lecture on "Secularisms and the Formations of Religion in Asia: Pluralism, Globalization, Modernities", International Conference at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, March 2016

[2016b] Keynote Lecture on "Religion in a plural society: Comparing the Chinese and Indian Worlds", Workshop at the Confucius Institute, Université de Genève, June 2016

[2015a] 5e Congrès Asie & Pacifique 2015, Plenary Session Lecture on "The Value of Comparison: India and China", September 2015

[2015b] Religion in the Local and Global: Interdisciplinary Perspectives and Challenges (British Association for the Study of Religions Annual Conference),
Keynote Lecture on “Religion and the City: A Comparative Perspective on Asia and the Rest”, September 2015

[2014a] Annual India-Canada Association Lecture at the University of Toronto, March 2014

[2014b] Distinguished Lecture on "Secularism and the Citizen in the Middle East and South Asia", University of Chicago, February 2014

[2014c] Symposium on Peter van der Veer, The Modern Spirit of Asia at Princeton University, March 2014

[2013] Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures, University of Rochester, November 2013

[2007] Keynote lecture on religion and democracy in Europe, Van Leer Institute’s 50th Year Jubilee, Jerusalem.

[2006a] Key-note Lecture Conference on The Visceral Nation, Yale University

[2006b] Key-note Lecture Conference on Daoism, Harvard University

[2006c] Key-note lecture Inaugural Conference Eranos, Ascona.

[2005] Key-note lecture on Visuality and the Nation, American University Beirut

[2003] Distinguished Lecture on Imperial Encounters , Northwestern University

[2001] Key-note Lecture Conference on Religion and Nationalism, University of Arizona

[2001] Key-note Lecture at Conference on Asceticism and Power in Asia, SOAS, London

[2001] Lecture “Netherlands and the Islam” at the occasion of the Hendrik Muller Award, Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences, Amsterdam

[1997] The Hindu Nation” Golden Jubilee Lecture of the Ethnographic and Folklore Society, University of Lucknow

[1997] Master’s Symposium on Nationalism. Balliol College, Oxford University.

[1995] “Hindu Fundamentalism”, Distinguished Lecture at the University of Iowa

[1994] Migrants and the Margin, Distinguished Speaker, ICCCR Conference, Hybridity and Cultural Difference, Manchester.

[1994] The South Asian Diaspora“, Henry Luce Lecture at Clark University, Worchester (Mass.)

[1987] "Powerful Experiences: technics of body and mind", Vivekananda Memorial Lecture, University of Chicago.

Other Invited Lectures

[2000] March Invited Comment on Religion and Globalization, American Ethnological Society, Tampa, Florida

[1999a] May 7-9, at the Open University, Milton Keynes.
The Location of Religion: India and Britain in the 19th Century.

[1999b] May 10-14. The Rockefeller Foundation. Bellagio Study and Conference Center. Religion and Modernity: Re-thinking Secularization.
The Location of Religion and Secularity in 19th Century Britain and India.

[1999c] September 27-29 at Hyderabad. IDPAD Seminar on Modern Communicications: Traditional Cultures and Development.
ICT's: the political dimension.

[1999d] October 14-17, Toda Institute Berlin. Globalization and Cultural security: Migration and Negotations of Identity: Cosmopolitan Options.

[1999e] December 2-5. Kyoto University. The State in India: Past and Present. The State concept of Hindutva.

[1998a] Het eigene en het andere: de politieke betekenis van religieuze verschillen in de natiestaat.
February 7. SWR-conferentie rond het thema 'Verschillen in culturen (Islam, Christendom, etc.)' KNAW

[1998b] Religious Nationalism in India and Global Fundamentalism.
February 24-26, Identity, Locality and Globality. An experience of India and Indonesia, Sariska, India. Conference organised by IIAS and ICSSR.

[1998c] Religious Nationalism in India and Global Fundamentalism.
March 4-7, Workshop on Media and Mediation in the Politics of Culture, Calcutta

[1998d] British Council International meeting on Asia & Europe
March 19-22, London

[1998e] Religion, Secularity, and Tolerance in India and Europe.
April 18-23, Religious Toleration/Intolerance seminar, Advanced Study Center, University of Michigan, Michigan at Ann Arbor.

[1998f] Globalization. Introductory Remarks on the Wotro-Program on Globalization
May 8, seminar organised by WOTRO and DGIS, The Hague

[1998g] paneldiscussie
May 8, Indialogue. Symposium ihk van India 50 jaar onafhankelijk, traditie en verandering. KIT, Amsterdam.

[1997a] 'Europe and the Others', Lecture at the Culture Eurosummit, De Balie, Amsterdam

[1994a] The Nature of Violence, University of Pennsylvania

[1994b] Texts and Rationality, New York University

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[1986b] "Hinduism and Brahmanism", Oriental Institute, University of Oxford.

[1986c] "The taming of the ascetic", Seminar on equality and inequality, London School of Economics.

Convener of Conferences

[2007] Convener Hendrik Muller Seminar on The Future of Religion, Netherlands Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences

[2006] Convener Hendrik Muller Seminar on the Asian Challenge, Netherlands Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences

[2005] (with Shoma Munshi) Cunsumerism in India and China, Delhi: Indian International Center

[2003] India-China Comparisons: State and Society. International Conference, IIAS, Leiden.

[2002] (with Shoma Munshi) Media and Public Debate in Asia . Delhi: Indian International Center

[2001] Religion and Science. Ann Arbor (with Donald Lopez, Uinversity of Michigan)

[2000] Religion and Violence Amsterdam, Spring (with Ronnie Po-Chia Hsia, NYU and Hartmut Lehmann ,Max Planck Institut, Göttingen.

[1999] (with Shoma Munshi) IDPAD Seminar on Modern Communications., Hyderabad, India

[1995] (with Peter Pels) Globalization and Ethnicity of the Research programme 'Globalization and the Construction of Communal Identities', Netherlands Foundation for the Advancement of Tropical Research (WOTRO), Amsterdam, December.

[1995] (with Peter van Rooden and the Max-Planck Institut für Geschichte) Religion and Nationalism,Amsterdam, November.

[1994a] (with Ton Otto and Jose van Santen) International Symposium on Conversion, University of Amsterdam, June

[1994b] Panel on the Anthropology of Religion, EASA conference, Oslo, June

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[1994d] Symposium on Precept and Practice in Buddhism, Amsterdam, September

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[1991] South Asia Seminar, University of Pennsylvania, on the South Asian Diaspora, Fall 1991, Spring 1992.

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[1989] (with J. Heesterman, H. Kippenberg, and H. Bakker) International symposium on "the sacred centre as the object of political interest", University of Groningen.

[1987] (with R.L. Frykenberg) Workshop on concepts of "Hindu", "Hinduism" and "Hindu Majority": reconsiderations of religious identity in historical context, 16th Annual Conference on South Asia, University of Wisconsin-Madison.