MPI Fellow Group Seminar Series 2014/15

MPI Fellow Group „Governance of Cultural Diversity - Socio-Legal Perspectives“

Seminar Series 2014/15

Wednesday, 11am -1pm
Seminar Room Villa, Hermann-Föge-Weg 12

Format: Papers will typically be circulated a week in advance and discussed extensively


29 October 2014
Mirjam KÜNKLER (Princeton University & ZIF Bielefeld)
"The (De-) Confessionalization of Law in India and Indonesia: The Limits of

3 December 2014
Zeynep ÖZGEN (MPI Göttingen)
"From Madrasa to Underground and Back: Is Turkish Secularization Path-dependent?"

21 January 2015
Nuno Filipe OLIVEIRA (University of Lisbon & MPI)
"Collective Identifications and Cultural Diversity Governance. Disparate Paths between Portugal and Brazil"

4 February 2015
12pm - 2pm !
David COOK-MARTIN (Grinell College & Universidad Carlos III Madrid)
"How their Laws Affect our Laws: Mechanisms of Immigration Policy
Diffusion in the Americas"

21 May 2015
Central Campus, OEC 0.167 !!!
Dagmar SOENNECKEN (York University Toronto & Universität zu Kiel)
"Legal mobilization in a neo-corporatist world: Why do German refugee organizations not go to court?"  [Flyer]