Religious Diversity Colloquium Spring 2014

Tuesday Seminar Spring 2014, 15:30-17:00
Hermann-Föge-Weg 12

March 13
Charles Stafford (London School of Economics)
Reflections on economic psychology in Heilongjiang and Oklahoma”  [Flyer]

March 25
Hans Steinmüller (London School of Economics)
A minimal definition of cynicism. Everyday Social Criticism and
some meanings of ‘Life’ in contemporary China
”  [Flyer]

April 15
Kenneth Dean (McGill)
Pirates in Paradise: the formation of the Chinese transnational temple network and the cult of Lin Guniang in Pattani”  [Flyer]

April 22
Goldie Osuri (Warwick)
Sovereignty and the Act of Conversion: The Case of Narasapur”  [Flyer]

April 29
James Laidlaw (Cambridge)
Detachment, disinterest, and indifference: some jain ways of
setting oneself apart
”  [Flyer]

May 6
Chris Fuller (London School of Economics)
Anthropology and Government in British India, 1881-1911: Ibbetson and Risley Reconsidered”  [Flyer]

May 13
Aya Ikegame (Edinburgh)
The guru as a wise legislator: the guru and informal legal space in rural South India”  [Flyer]

May 20
Stine Simonsen Puri (University of Copenhagen)
In the absence of chance: Play and economy at the Delhi racecourse”  [Flyer]

May 22
Michael Bergunder (Heidelberg)
What are ‘religions’ in South Asia?”  [Flyer]

May 27
Jacob Copeman (Edinburgh)
Names, caste, and the secular: reflections from North India”  [Flyer]

June 3
Fenggang Yang (Purdue University)
The Tri-Color Market Perspective: Understanding Religious
Revitalizations in China

June 10
Uday Chandra (MPI-MMG)
Laboring Bodies and Wandering Spirits: East India Migrants and
Mobility in Contemporary Mumbai

June 12 (14:30-16:00 !!!)
Nate Roberts (MPI-MMG)
From village to city: Hinduism and the 'Hindu caste system'