Religion, space and diversity – negotiating the religious in the public sphere

Religion, space and diversity – negotiating the religious in the public sphere

7th International Colloquium on the Changing Religious Landscape of Europe

Friday/Saturday 1./2. June 2012



Call for paper – Panel Session

More than a decade after 9/11 the question arises as to how religion is negotiated in the public realm – both in the spatial and the sociological sense. We assume that this question cannot be answered in a standardized way for different regions, subjects and religious phenomena, and that even contradictory tendencies may become evident. This conference is devoted to the following questions:

  • Which claims are formulated by religious institutions and associations themselves in the public domain and in different public spheres?
  • How do normative claims of religions affect the public sphere?
  • How are these claims negotiated, accepted or refuted by social actors including the state in an increasingly diverse environment, and how are these claims represented in the media?
  • How do representations of different religious phenomena and of religious diversity in the media and in the urban landscape influence each other?
  • What is the place of religion in Europe today? How are national and regional identities, and also the future of Europe discursively shaped by religion? How is Europe perceived by the rest of the world in terms of religion?
  • How are religious actors and institutions reacting to phenomena like the increasing reserve towards Islam in Europe?
  • Is there a clear, non-ambiguous stagnation or decline of established forms of Christianity in Europe, or are there (also) signs of revitalization? What are the most manifest forms of stagnation or revitalization? What is happening and will happen with church buildings in religiously changing European societies?
  • What roles do religious communities of migrants play for the societies where they live and their countries of origin?
  • How are different aspects of the religious “mappable”?

The conference is the seventh event in the conference series “The Changing Religious Landscape in Europe”. However, papers with a non-European focus, theoretical inputs and conceptual approaches to a Geography of religion are also welcome.