Workshop "Super-diversity: Comparative Questions"

Super-diversity: Comparative Questions

An International Workshop, 27-28th September 2012

Max-Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen

The notion of super-diversity underlines a call to re-evaluate concepts and policies surrounding diversity by way of moving beyond an ethno-focal understanding of diversity and adopting a multi-dimensional approach. In this two day workshop, participants will explore how this notion has been operationalised in empirical research on urban areas around the world.

Assuming that processes and manifestations of super-diversity are varied in different contexts, one goal of the workshop is to chart a variety of (new?) forms of urban diversity as well as to assess the impacts of these forms for urban social contexts. The Workshop’s emphasis will be on developing a global comparative perspective on the various constellations and ways of studying super-diversity in cities around the world. The term itself will also be interrogated with regard to its usefulness, or not, in working towards better understandings of contemporary urban settings and migration dynamics.   

Questions to be posed at the workshop include:

  • What are the links between changing migration patterns and changing patterns of super-diversity?
  • Are there other aspects of social and spatial differentiation that ought to be part of how we understand migration-driven urban diversity?
  • What are the consequences of applying a super-diversity lens to the challenges of social and economic integration of migrants in cities?
  • How can super-diversity variables such as new migration flows, legal statuses and labour market trajectories be better conceptualised for social science research?
  • What are the most suitable approaches to, and methods for, studying super-diversity?