Dr. Hannah Bradby (Warwick University, UK)

Dr. Hannah Bradby (Warwick University, UK)

Hannah Bradby’s research interests include ethnicity and health, in particular, language, racism and mental health. Her research has been published in various journals including Social Science and Medicine and Sociology of Health and IllnessShe co-edits the journal Ethnicity and Health and is the Sociology of Health and Illness monograph series editor. Hannah has taught both medics and sociologists at the University of Warwick where she collaborated with students to publish books of their own sociological work, both written and photographic. She is co-convenor of the Medicine, Health and Illness stream for the British Sociological Association Annual conference.

Her own homepage is here.

Her recent publications include:

(2012)   Medicine, Health and Society: A Critical Sociology. London: Sage.

(2010) (edited with Gillian Hundt) Global Perspectives on War, Gender and Health. Avebury.

(2008) Medical Sociology: An introduction. Sage.

(2010)   ‘Understanding and apprehending institutional racism in mental health services: compromised conceptualization.’ Sociological Research Online 15 (3) 8. www.socresonline.org.uk/15/3/8.html

(2010)   with James Nazroo ‘Health, ethnicity and race’, pp. 113-129 in The New Companion to Medical Sociology (ed.) William C Cockerham.  Malden MA: Blackwell.

(2008) (edited with Waqar Ahmad) Ethnicity, Health and Health Care: Understanding Diversity, Tackling Disadvantage. (eds.) and Hannah Bradby. Oxford: Blackwells.

(2008)   ‘Feminism and the sociology of gender, health and illness.’ Editorial, Virtual special edition, Sociology of Health and Illness. www.blackwellpublishing.com/shil_enhanced/virtual2.asp