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30 May 2016
African Diversities Colloquium
Naluwembe Binaisa (MPI-MMG): " ‘If there’s no mobile, you’re not mobile’: unpacking livelihoods, infrastructures and urban ecologies in Lagos, Nigeria"
31 May 2016
Religious Diversity Colloquium Spring 2016
Arpita Roy (MPI-MMG): “Sacred Geography and Alchemical Ideology: A Sectarian Standpoint”
2 June 2016
Religious Diversity Colloquium Spring 2016
Mireille Mazard (MPI-MMG): “Yearning, Modern Destinies and Christian Morality at the Margins of the Chinese State”
2-4 June 2016
The Oxford Handbook of Citizenship Authors’ Conference
Conference organized by the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity and the European University Institute
9 June 2016
Open Lectures Spring 2016
Christopher S. Fowler (Penn State University): "Segregation and Diversity as Multiscalar Phenomena"
13 June 2016
African Diversities Colloquium
Samwel S. Mhajida (Göttingen University): "The orphans of the plains: negotiating livelihood in the changing ethnic relations in the Singida-Mbulu Border, 1984-2012"
17-18 June 2016
22 June 2016
Ethics, Law and Politics & Governance of Cultural Diversity
Joint Seminar Series, 2015-2016 “Diversity and Human Rights” - Anne PHILLIPS (London School of Economics): "The Politics of the Human"
27 June 2016
African Diversities Colloquium
Nives Kinunda Ngullu (Göttingen University): "Communal work, authority and crisis: the role and impact of women in postcolonial self reliance and Ujamaa in Southern Highlands of Tanzania, 1966-1980"
28 June 2016
Religious Diversity Colloquium Spring 2016
Neena Mahadev (MPI-MMG): “‘Spiritual Warfare’ on Multi-religious Terrain: Political Cosmologies in Postwar Sri Lanka”
11 July 2016
African Diversities Colloquium
Julia Vorhölter (Göttingen University): "Class-based chronicities of suffering and seeking help--comparing addiction treatment programs in Uganda"
27-29 October 2016
Inhabiting the Corridor
A workshop on surging resource economies and urban life in East Africa