IMISCOE Workshop "Understanding Diversity"

IMISCOE Workshop

Understanding Diversity:
Theoretical and Methodological Challenges

1-2 October 2009

- only by invitation -

This workshop examines the theoretical and methodological challenges involved in studying and understanding cultural, religious and linguistic diversity in contemporary Europe. It draws on the work undertaken in Cluster B6 on Cultural, Religious and Linguistic diversity which formed part of the European Network of Excellence on International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe (IMISCOE). The cluster focuses on five main streams of work:
- Public Religion and Secular Democracy
- Debating Cultural Differences
- Ethnic Minority and Immigrants’ Cultural Productions as Forms of Political Expression
- Language Policy and Practices
- Cities of Diversity: The Spatial Nexus

The workshop will review the work undertaken by its cluster members during the past five years of IMISCOE, and reflect on the theoretical and conceptual challenges they and their colleagues have encountered in their work. Papers will summarise what we have learned about conceiving and researching diversity in contemporary Europe, focusing variously on concepts, explanatory questions and theories. Papers given by senior members of the cluster will be complemented by case studies presented by junior scholars who are currently undertaking empirical work on these issues.

The workshop is co-sponsored by IMISCOE ( and the Max Planck Institute.