Workshop "Key Concepts and Methods in Ethnography ...

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"Key Concepts and Methods in Ethnography, Language & Communication"

Three-day course at the Max Planck Institute for the
Study of Religious & Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen

Date: 1-3 March 2010

This three-day course is designed to introduce researchers to a range of perspectives and tools employed in the ethnographic study of language and communication. The course is divided into four sessions. The first day “Linguistic ethnography: What, why & how?” introduces participants to the key ideas and theoretical frameworks upon which the course is based, and to some of the major advantages and problems involved in the adoption of a “linguistic ethnographic” perspective. The remaining days are devoted to investigation of concepts and methods relevant to three different levels of analysis: micro-interactional, generic, and trans-contextual. Sessions include data analysis workshops, interactive lectures and discussions.

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