Religious Diversity Colloquium Spring 2015

Tuesday Seminar Spring 2015, 15:30-17:00
Hermann-Föge-Weg 12

5 May 2015
June Hee KWON (Duke University / U Pitt)
“Vigilant Ethnicity: Korean Chinese Communist Party Members Encounter the Forbidden Homeland”    [Flyer]

12 May 2015
Anastasia PILIAVSKY (University of Cambridge)
“The Orthoprax Morals of North India’s Goonda Raj   [Flyer]

19 May 2015
Erik HARMS (Yale University)
“Rights Gone Wrong on the City’s Edge: Evidence from
Ho Chi Minh City”  

27 May 2015 (Wednesday !!!)
Webb KEANE (University of Michigan)
“Mediating Piety: A Qur’anic Quarrel in Indonesia”

28 May 2015
Chang-hyun LEE (Kookmin University)
“Transformation of Asian Megacity and Risk Society:
An Analysis of Risk Perceptions among Beijing, Tokyo and Seoul” 

09 June 2015, Library Hall HFW 11
Jonathan PARRY (London School of Economics)
Classes of labour in an Indian Steel Town”    [Flyer]

11 June 2015
Kenneth DEAN (McGill University)
“Comparing Chinese Temple and Ritual Networks in Southeast Asia”    [Flyer]

16 June 2015
Mun-young CHO (Yonsei University)
“The Mobilization of the Social and the Dearth of Social Imaginaries: Local Appropriations of “Building Society” (shehui jianshe) in Shenzhen’s Urban Periphery”    [Flyer]

18 June 2015
Byung-ho CHUNG (Hanyang University)
Penetrant Transnational Strategies of North Korean Migrants and the Liminalities of Korean National Identity”    [Flyer]

30 June 2015
Christina SCHWENKEL (UC Riverside)
Spiritual Topographies of Ruination and Reconstruction in Vinh City, Vietnam”    [Flyer]

2 July 2015
Jarrett ZIGON (University of Amsterdam)
What is a Situation?: The Drug War”    [Flyer]