International conference: The Geobody of Vietnam


The Geobody of Vietnam


International conference, Gottingen, May 21-22

Co-sponsored by Max Planck Institute for the studies of Religious and Ethnic Diversity and Harvard University


Convenors: Hue Tam Ho-Tai and Tam T. T. Ngo


Thursday, May21 st: Margins and the Politics of Identities

09.30-10.00 Opening session

Welcome speech: Tam Ngo & Peter van der Veer

Hue Tam Ho-Tai (Harvard University): Visible and Invisible Geographies: gods, ghosts, the living and the dead in Vietnam

10:00 – 12:30

Bradley Camp Davis (Eastern Connecticut State University): States of Erasure: Negotiating Power in Tai and Kinh Realms

Vu Duong Luan (Hanoi National University/Harvard Yenching Institute): Survival between Empires: Autonomy, Transnationality and the Political Character of Tribal Chieftains in the China-Vietnam Borderland in the 17th and 18th centuries

Christian Lentz (University of North Carolina): Vietnam on the March

14:00 – 16:00

Oscar Salemink (University of Copenhagen): Hinterland Moï – Pays Montagnard du Sud-Indochinois – Cao Nguyên – Central Highlands – Tây Nguyên – “Degar Land” : Connections, disconnections, and the changing geobody of Vietnam

Vu Duc Liem (Hamburg University): State Boundary vs. Civilized Frontier: Vietnam, the Khmer World and the Politics of Lines (1802-1848)


Friday, May 22nd : Technologies of Geopower

9:00 – 10:30

Tam T. T. Ngo (MPI): Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Sacred geography and spiritual warfare in today’s Vietnam

Erik Harms (Yale University): Thủ Thiêm Futures Past: A Short History of Seeing without Seeing

10:45- 12:15

Ken MacLean: The Techno-Politics of Anticipation: Constructing Vietnamese Statehood in the East / South China Sea with Yet to Be Built Infrastructure

David Biggs: War in Vietnam: A Contest Between Aerial and Topological Perspective


12:15-13:00 Roundup discussion and publication plan