Workshops, conferences 2018

European cities and diversity: new policies, changing relations between societal actors?

Date: 25-26 January 2018

Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity,
Goettingen, Hermann-Föge-Weg 12, 37073 Goettingen

Workshop retrospect by Lisa Szepan

It is widely acknowledged that in particular urban populations have become increasingly heterogeneous. Apart from immigration, the widening of forms and ideals of life as well as more vocal claims for recognition have contributed to such developments in European cities. But cities are not only the sites where change takes place. They may also be active players. Urban actors may shape the forms and meanings of diversity.

This workshop focuses on interventions at the city level and by local actors, for instance, into the composition of the population in the city and its neighbourhoods, into the life chances of different population groups and their opportunities to participate in the city. Such interventions may occur in a broad range of policy areas. Further, we are interested in changes of urban politics, i.e. in the extent to which diversity is represented in governance networks and participation structures.

Scholars working at the MPI-MMG will present results from the institute’s CityDiv-project and discuss those and other research with colleagues working on France, Germany and other European countries. The workshop encourages debates on the potential and limitations of cross-city and cross-country comparisons.

Speakers include Marlon Barbehoen, Claire Bullen, Joseph Downing, Angeline Escafré-Dublet, Christine Lelévrier, Vivian Lowndes, Nicolas van Puymbroek, Mathias Rodatz and Valérie Sala-Pala.