News & Updates - Archive 2017

New research project

New research project: “Civil Society Organizations and the Challenges of Migration and Diversity: Agents of Change” funded by the BMBF.

November 2017

Borders, Fences, Firewalls

Impressions from the “Borders, Fences, Firewalls” conference, including a conference report, pictures, Keynote videos and other video interviews.

November 2017

Academy for African Urban Diversity

The Academy for African Urban Diversity (AAUD) was launched at the African Centre for Migration & Society (ACMS) on 6 November 2017.

AAUD website

November 2017

Book Discussion Seminar

Irfan Ahmad, senior research fellow at the MPI-MMG will discuss his book Religion as Critique: Islamic Critical Thinking from Mecca to the Marketplace at the University of Copenhagen. Time: 22 November 2017, 1-4pm

November 2017

EOM Youtube Channel

The MPI-MMG Research Group "Empires of Memory" inaugurated its Youtube Channel with a recording of Dr. Edhem Eldem’s Keynote Lecture from the recent workshop, as well as Piro Rexhepi’s new film “The Muslim Metropolis".

October 2017

Public lecture

AbdouMaliq Simone gave a public lecture "The fugitives - blackness as urban method" on Wednesday, 4 November 2017, Large Lecture Theatre, Department of Geography, Downing Site, Cambridge.

October 2017

MPI-MMG on Radio FFN

An interview with Shahd Wari about refugee accommodations in Göttingen.
(Radio FFN, October 6, 2017)

October 2017


18 Sept.-22 Sept. 2017, The Hague, Netherlands - Workshops on Asylum-Seeker Accommodation in Europe chaired by Steven Vertovec.

September 2017

Understanding Urban Diversity, or what's the matter with Rotterdam?

IMISCOE 2017 Keynote Lecture by Steve Vertovec.

September 2017

Oxford Handbook of Citizenship

Ayelet Shachar is the lead editor of the Oxford Handbook of Citizenship, which is officially launched on Sept. 2, 2017, at the annual American Political Science Association Meeting in San Francisco.

September 2017

"Peace at the Expense of Justice is Always Fragile"

Elena Gadjanova on the election in Kenya (in: Süddeutsche Zeitung, August 29, 2017).
Link to Süddeutsche Zeitung · English translation

August 2017


A new collaboration between the Max Planck Society and the University of Cambridge started in July 2017.

July 2017

The Challenges of Migration and Integration

MPI-MMG joins Max-Planck Society Research Initiative on Migration.

July 2017

Book Symposium

on Peter van der Veer's book "The value of comparison"

Comparison as critique (Meyer) • This is (not) like that (Candea) • The value of anthropology (Eriksen) • Comparison against theory, context without concept (Feuchtwang) • Resisting general models (van der Veer)

June 2017

Labor History Best Book prize

Junjia Ye, former research fellow at the Institute, was awarded the 2016 Labor History Best Book prize for her book "Class Inequality in the Global City: Migrants, Workers and Cosmopolitanism in Singapore".

June 2017

14th IMISCOE Annual Conference

MPI-MMG will be extensively represented at the 14th Annual IMISCOE Conference, Rotterdam, 28-30 June 2017.

June 2017

IIAS lecture

Tam Ngo has held a lecture "Channeling Ho Chi Minh: Portrait of two spirit mediums" on Wednesday, 7 June, at the International Institute for Asian Studies.

June 2017

DFG Grant for Matthias Koenig

Matthias Koenig, professor at the University of Göttingen and fellow at the Institute, wins DFG grant for a collaborative project "New migrants and refugees in Germany: processes of integration and settlement in comparative perspective".

May 2017

Conference on World Affairs

Steven Vertovec has been one of the speakers at the 69th Conference on World Affairs, April 10-14, 2017, University of Colorado Boulder

Livestream of the Session "Nationalism Returns to America".

April 2017

TV talk "Wissen im Fluss"

Karsten Schwanke meets Karen Schönwälder.

The talk has been broadcast on Sunday, 9 April, 19:15-20:00, on ARD-alpha. 

April 2017

The Contemporary South Asia Book Forum

An examination of Nathaniel Roberts’ publication, To Be Cared For: The Power of Conversion and Foreignness of Belonging in a Chennai Slum. 

March 2017