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Library search portal

The library search portal ELISA lists the entire print holdings of the library as well as electronic materials of various resources relating to relevant subjects of the institute.
ELISA is recommended to be used as a main access point to locate items of the library, publications of MPI MMG researchers, e-books, open access articles and articles of special subject journals.

Book collection

The library of the MPI MMG mainly focuses on the topics of religious studies, anthropology, political science and international law.
Currently our library holdings contain about 30,000 volumes with an annual increase of about 3000 items.
The inventory of the former MPI for History is located in the Historical Building of the SUB Göttingen (Address: Papendiek 14) and contains102,000 volumes.


In addition to the book collection the library has approximately 230 printed journal subscriptions.
The Electronic Journals Library provides access to over 20,000 e-journals available for the staff of the MPI for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity. 


An overview of Online Databases provided by the MPI for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity or centrally licensed by the Max Planck Society is available at MPG.ReNa.
The homepage of ELISA leads you to further recommendable resources such as EBSCO, JSTOR, LexisNexis and more. 

Using the library for MPI MMG staff & guests

For members and guests of the institute the library is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Before starting to use the library please make an appointment for your first introduction session.

Library introduction:
Kristin Futterlieb
Tel.: 0551/4956-143
E-mail: futterlieb(at)

Using the library for external users

Due to construction work the library is closed for non-MPI staff until further notice.


The collection is arranged by the Regensburger Verbund Classification.

Maps for „Library Hall“ and „Basement stacks“ give an overview of the shelving and are displayed in all library areas.


The library is a central service entity for the researchers of the institute. The mission of the library´s service is to satisfy the researchers´ need for information in an efficient, timely, and customized manner.

Examples of library services

  • Acquiring, collecting and archiving scientific information in all publication and media formats  related to the research activities of the institute
  • Interlibrary loan and Document Delivery
  • An ordering system is provided for purchase suggestions, interlibrary loans and article requests via
  • Licensing of electronic materials
  • Library introductions and Database training sessions
  • Listing and archiving publications of Institute staff members in the Institutional Repository of the Max Planck Society
  • Initiating, Enhancing and Improving new user services, e.g. Library Search Portal ELISA
  • Information on Open Access


We would be happy to respond to your requests. Please contact us personally, via email or telephone: library(at)

Dr. Kristin Futterlieb

Haus 11, EG 1.06
Tel.: 0551/4956-143
E-mail: futterlieb(at)

Head Librarian

Academic research inquiries
Library Introductions
Purchase suggestions

Heidemarie Funke

Haus 11, EG 1.07
Tel.: 0551/4956-144
E-mail: funke(at)

Deputy Senior Librarian

Electronic Journals

Simone Dietrich

Haus 11, EG 1.04
Tel.: 0551/4956-141
E-mail: dietrich(at)

Library staff

Print Journals

Dorothea Schlotter

Haus 11, EG 1.02
Tel.: 0551/4956-140
E-mail: schlotter(at)

Library staff

Barcodes & Book labels