Christiane Falge

Currently, Christiane Falge is a research fellow at the Institute for Intercultural and International Studies at the University of Bremen. By taking the adequacy of health care access for migrants to reflect the success of integration processes she has done extensive research in various health care systems. Falge has analyzed migrants’ pathways of incorporation to the health care systems of several receiving countries in the Western world. In her recent book she comparatively analyses the responsiveness of different health care systems to cultural diversity in a sense of migrants’ needs and at migrants own involvement in claim-making processes to improve their access to care.

Another area of Falge’s research interest concerns regional variations in health care. She has dealt with this issue in a research project about chronic disease care. As part of a larger research team she examined how different British and German cities with variations in the composition of their migrant populations and the local resources available for support services affected access to care for adult onset diabetes.

Besides, Falge has co-founded the Interkulturelles Gesundheitsnetzwerk Bremen (ign - Intercultural Health Network). As a co-coordinator of the ign she also works as an applied anthropologist in the area of diversity management. She looks at the role of cultural and linguistic competence in institutions that are officially mandated to heal and save human lives. In this context she specifically deals with questions about culture- and ethnicity theories, cultural difference and transcultural interaction. Within the working group she is developing workshops on the topic linguistic diversity in health care together with Kristine Krause.


Publications include:

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