Language and Super-diversity: Explorations and interrogations

Conference “Language and Superdiversity: Explorations and Interrogations”, Jyvaskyla (Finland), 5-7 June 2013.

This conference, the first one on the topic of language and superdiversity and organized by INCOLAS, drew approximately 300 scholars from all continents into three days of intense and enthusiastic exchange and debate. Plenary speakers were David Parkin, Christopher Stroud, Sirpa Leppanen and Michael Silverstein. A concluding plenary round table involved Birgitta Busch, Jan Blommaert, Rob Moore, Karel Arnaut, Sabina Vasker and Ben Rampton.

Keynote sessions 1-4 + Round table discussion
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Programme + abstracts

Interviews with David Parkin and Michael Silverstein will be available soon.