Curriculum Vitae

Eloisa Harris is a post-doctoral researcher at the department for Socio-Cultural Diversity, as part of the “Diversity Assent in Urban Germany” project. Her research focuses on dynamics of political conflict underlying reforms to immigration, welfare and immigrant-welfare rights in Western Europe. She recently defended her PhD in Political Science at the University of Bremen (BIGSSS), and holds a MA in Comparative and International Studies from the ETH Zürich/University of Zürich and a BA in PPE from the University of Warwick. At the MPI-MMG, Eloisa will investigate how social class and partisanship explain diversity attitudes in the German context, as well as continuing her work on policy reforms to immigrant welfare rights in Western Europe. 

Reseach Projects


Peer Review

Romana Careja & Eloisa Harris (online first) “Thirty Years of Welfare Chauvinism: Findings and Challenges” in Journal of European Social Policy. Link


Eloisa Harris, Friederike Römer & Jakob Henninger) (2020) “Covid-19 and migrant workers’ social rights” Social Europe 27.05.2020  Link

Friederike Römer, Eloisa Harris, Jakon Henninger & Franziska Missler) (2021) ‘Technical Report: Migrant Social Protection Database MigSP”. SFB1342 Working Paper Series. Link 

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