Curriculum Vitae

Sabine Mohamed is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Socio-Cultural Diversity, and is pursuing her Ph.D. at the Institute of Anthropology at Heidelberg University. She holds an M.A. (2014) in Political Science, Anthropology, and Islamic Studies from Heidelberg University. She has been a Research Fellow at the Institute for Ethiopian Studies at the Addis Ababa University, and is also supported by the Heidelberg Graduate Academy. Prior to joining the Max Planck Institute, she worked as an intern in the International Department of the newspaper Neue Zürcher Zeitung in Switzerland and as a Research Assistant in connection with a study of violence and discrimination against LGBTQ* people of color in Germany at the Alice-Salomon-Hochschule in Berlin. Her doctoral research project, “In the Place of All, Black Empire and Addis Ababa as Cosmos”, examines how a state attempts to inscribe on a body of people signs of Afro-future and ethnic diversity in urban Ethiopia.

Research projects


Peer-reviewed Articles

Mohamed, Sabine. [forthcoming 2021].“#MustFall: Überlegungen zur Dekolonialisierung und einer postkolonialen Ästhetik in der Erziehung” [#MustFall: notes on decolonisation and postcolonial aesthetics in education] Tertium Comparationis: Journal für International und Interkulturell Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft.

Mohamed, Sabine. 2019. “Ethiopian image: face, trace, interiority” in New Writing, Special Issue: Convoluting the Dialectical Image 16 no. 4: 453-457. Link

Book Chapters

Mohamed, Sabine. 2021. “Bodies in the outside: Artistic imaginations in Afrofuturism”. With MdM. Castro Varela. In Counter_Readings of the Body, edited by Daniel Neugebauer, 57-64. Leipzig: Spector Books. Link

Mohamed, Sabine. 2021.“Intersektionalität und Postkoloniale Soziale Arbeit” [Intersectionality and Postcolonial Social Work]. With MdM. Castro Varela. In Handbuch Intersektionalitätsforschung, edited by A. Mefebue, A. Bührmann and S. Grenz, Wiesbaden: Springer Verlag. (online first)

Mohamed, Sabine. 2015. “Djibouti: Das Tor der Tränen” [Djibouti: Gate of Tears] in David Signer (eds.). Grenzen erzählen Geschichten. Was Landkarten offenbaren. [Borders narrate Histories. What Maps Reveal.], 89-91. Neue Zürcher Zeitung Verlag: Zürich.

Mohamed, Sabine. 2014. “Schwarzes feministisches Denken und Handeln in Deutschland” [Black Feminist Thought and Activism in Germany]. With M. M. Eggers. In Feminismen heute, Positionen in Theorie und Praxis [Feminism today: Notions in Theory and Practice], edited by Yvonne Franke et al., 57-76. Transcript Verlag: Bielefeld.

Scientific Studies

Castro Varela, María do Mar / Ute Koop/ Sabine Mohamed /Gisela Ott-Gerlach/ Lisa Thaler. 2012. „... Nicht so greifbar und doch real“ – Eine quantitative und qualitative Studie zu Gewalt-und (Mehrfach-)Diskriminierungserfahrungen von lesbischen, bisexuellen Frauen und Trans* in Deutschland, [„... not tangible and yet real..“ – A quantitative and qualitative study on violence and of multiple discriminations experienced by lesbian, bisexual women and trans persons in Germany]. LesMigras Antigewalt- und Antidiskriminierungsbereich der Lesbenberatung: Berlin, pp 244. Link

Other (selected) Publications

Mohamed, Sabine. 2019. Online dictionary entry “Schwarz” (Black/Blackness) for the Diversity Arts Culture Institute in Berlin. Link

Mohamed, Sabine. 2018. “Afrofuturism & Space is the Place” for the European Association of Sociocultural Anthropology (EASA) Network of Ethnographic Theory blog. Link

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