Dr. Martijn van den Brink

Dr. Martijn van den Brink


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Martijn van den Brink holds degrees in law and political science from the Universities of Oxford and Groningen, with specialisations in European Union law and politics. During these years, he has focused on questions of constitutional law, citizenship, and political legitimacy. At the Max Planck Institute, he conducts research into the boundaries of citizenship within the EU.

Martijn did his PhD research at the European University Institute, Florence. His PhD research explores the legitimacy of decision-making within the EU, by taking EU citizenship law as a case study. He held visiting positions at the University of Michigan and the University of Zagreb.


Peer-Reviewed Articles

[2019] ‘Justice, Legitimacy, and the Authority of Legislation in the European Union’ (82) 2 The Modern Law Review, pp. 293-318.

[2019] ‘EU Citizenship and Fundamental Rights: Empirical, Conceptual, and Theoretical Problems’ (25) 1 European Law Journal, pp. 21-36.

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[2019] ‘A Critical perspective on Associate EU Citizenship after Brexit’ The Journal of Common Market Studies (forthcoming) co-author: Dimitry Kochenov.

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[2012] ‘EU Citizenship and EU Fundamental Rights: Taking EU Citizenship Rights Seriously?’ (39) Legal Issues of Economic Integration, pp. 273-289.

Contributions to Edited Volumes

[forthcoming] ‘The Promises and Drawbacks of EU Citizenship for a Polycentric Union’ in Josephine van Zeben and Ana Bobic, Polycentricity in the European Union.

[2017] ‘The Origins and Potential Federalising Effects of the Substance of Rights Doctrine’ in Dimitry Kochenov (ed), EU Citizenship and Federalism: The Role of Rights. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 85-106.

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[2015] (with Dimitry Kochenov) ‘Pretending There Is No Union: Non-Derivative Quasi-Citizenship Rights of Third-Country Nationals in the EU’ in Daniel Thym and Marleen Zoeteweij Turhan (eds), Degrees of Free Movement and Citizenship (Martinus Nijhoff 2015).

Working papers

[2018] (with Dimitry Kochenov) ‘A Critical perspective on Associate EU Citizenship after Brexit’, DCU Brexit Working Paper 5/2018.

Case Notes

[2014] ‘Case note on ECHR nr. 27804/10 Bulea v Romenia’ (15) European Human Rights Cases.

[2012] ‘Case note on ECJ C-348/09, P.I. v Oberbürgermeisterin der Stadt Remscheid’ (13) European Human Rights Cases.

[2012] ‘Case note on ECHR nr. 23592/07, Miażdżyk v Poland’ (13) European Human Rights Cases.

Blog posts

[2018] ‘Is the reasoning in Coman as good as the result’ (Verfassungsblog) <https://verfassungsblog.de/is-the-reasoning-in-coman-as-good-as-the-result/>