Dr. Alexander E. Hudson

Dr. Alexander Hudson


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Alexander Hudson works in Prof. Dr. Ran Hirschl’s fellow group on Comparative Constitutionalism as a postdoctoral fellow. He recently completed a PhD in political science at the University of Texas at Austin. His dissertation research investigated the impact of public participation in constitution-making processes, with a particular focus on Brazil, South Africa, and Iceland. In addition to a book project growing out of his dissertation research, he has ongoing research projects on public participation, constitutional referenda, and the diffusion of language in national constitutions. He has also published work on law and courts in Canada and Brazil. Alexander has taught courses at the University of Texas at Austin, and the Fundação Getulio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro, and worked for the Comparative Constitutions Project.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

[2018] “When Does Public Participation Make a Difference? Evidence From Iceland’s Crowdsourced Constitution.” Policy & Internet 10 (2): 185-217.

Non Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

[2017] (with Ivar Alberto Hartmann) “Can You Bury Ideology? An Empirical Analysis of the Ideal Points of the Ministers of Brazil’s Supremo Tribunal Federal.” A&C - Revista de Direito Administrativo & Constitucional 17 (68): 43-59.

[2014] “Next Steps for the Idle No More Movement: A Public Law Perspective.” Aboriginal Policy Studies 3 (1-2): 149-163.

Book Chapters

[forthcoming] (with Zachary Elkins) “The Constitutional Referendum in Historical Perspective.” In Handbook on Comparative Constitution-Making, edited by David Landau and Hanna Lerner. Northampton, MA : Edward Elgar.

[2018] Unsigned chapter. In The Icelandic Federalist Papers, edited by David Carillo. Berkeley, CA: Berkeley Public Policy Press.