Dr. Liza Wing Man Kam

Dr. Liza Wing Man Kam

Architektur und Urbanistik

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Dr. Liza Wing Man Kam joined the Department of Religious Diversity as Postdoctoral Research Fellow since September 2017. She is Assistant Professor of Urban Studies and Chinese Societies at the Department of East Asian Studies at the Georg-August University of Göttingen. Before that she was Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Lecturer at the Bauhaus University Weimar.

Kam pursued architectural trainings in design schools and practices in London, Paris, Liverpool, Hong Kong and Singapore before she joined the Bauhaus in Weimar, Germany in 2009 and obtained her doctorate (summa cum laude) in December 2013. Her doctoral research focused on depicting transformation of the political, societal and cultural symbolisms represented by the Hong Kong colonial urban heritage in the city’s unique post-colonial settings, by illustrating the inter-relation between architecture, historiography, identity formation and hence civic awareness.

Kam’s current research investigates the colonial Shinto Shrines in Post-war Taiwan as both religious space and political symbolisms for enunciating the different powers in Taiwan throughout the last two centuries. Departing from analysing these shrines as colonial architectural icons the project studies the shrines’ evolved/ evolving roles as various political symbolisms in post-colonial Taiwan, the liturgical and non-religious activities hosted in them, and their role being the tools and driving forces to gather and mobilise populace. The work depicts the performative effects of the conducted rituals to the identity formation process in parallel with the historical timeline marking the several political paradigm shifts in the Taiwanese society since the colonial era, with an attempt to compare the observations to other post-colonial settings such as Hong Kong, Myanmar, Singapore, Goa and more.

Undertaking interdisciplinary approach (architectural history and theory, historiography, anthropology, urban sociology, political science, religious studies and more), Kam is intrigued by employment of narratives represented by both urban fabrics and space users in urban research, and how these narratives work in parallel/ contrast to history.



[2015] ‘Reconfiguration of ‘the Stars and the Queen’─ A quest for the interrelationship between architecture and civic awareness in post-colonial Hong Kong’ - NOMOS Publication, Baden-Baden.

[2006] Master’s Thesis─ ‘Urban Living Room: to know, to care, to discuss, to react. Exposition/ unfold of legislation procedures and functions to increase transparency and civic awareness’, Department of Architecture, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Beiträge in Sammelbänden (peer-reviewed)

[forthcoming 2018] Invited publication: ‘The Imperial Yellow Roof on the Hualien Martyr Temple converted from Shinto Shrine’ and  ‘The Yellow Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong’ in a book publication by the artists He Xiangyu and Isaac Chong in ‘Lemon and Yellow’. Publisher to be confirmed.

[2017] ‘Artistic Activism as essential Threshold from the “peaceful, rational, non-violence” Demonstrations towards Revolution: Evolution of Social Actions in Hong Kong in the pre-Umbrella Movement Era’, in 'Art and the City: Worlding the Discussion Through a Critical Artscape, edited by J. Ren and J. Luger, London: Routledge.

[forthcoming 2017] ‘Protest in Metropolis: Symbolism in Play from Queen’s Pier Conservation to Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong’ in ‘Protesting in Metropolis’, edited by M. Castro Varela and B. Ülker, Berlin: Budrich Publication (editing in progress). 

[forthcoming 2017] ‘Colonial Nostalgia? Demolition of Colonial Space and its Aftermaths in Hong Kong’, Oxford: Brill Publication (Final editing in progress).

[2011] ‘Travelogue’, in ‘Filter Detroit’ (2012), 42-69, edited by Kirsten Niemann, London, Self-published.


[2016] ‘Evolution of Artistic Actions in Hong Kong: from Queen’s Pier in 2007 to Anti-Express Railway Campaign in 2010 to the Umbrella Movement in 2014’, Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, San Francisco.

[2015] ‘From Queen’s Pier to Gezi Park then back to the Umbrella Movement: How can Hong Kongers learn from Turkey (or vice versa)?’ in a workshop as part of the project ‘Doing Tolerance: Democracy, Citizenship and Social Protest’. (Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technical University Berlin, invited by Prof. Dr. Maria do Mar Castro Varela as expert speaker).

[2015] ‘Nostalgia to colonialism as toolkit to fight colonial legacy- From the Queen’s Pier and Star Ferry Pier’s demolition in 2006 to Umbrella Movement in 2014 in Hong Kong’, (paper presented at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Exploring Nostalgia in Mansfield College, Oxford University).

[2013] ‘Tokenised public participation and sick democracy: the Tamar New Government Headquarters Construction since 1998 as sowed seeds for today's social unrest in Hong Kong society’, (Paper presented at the Follow-up Workshop of ‚Wege zu mehr Demokratie, gesellschaftliche u. politische Transformationsprozesse‘, Department of Political Science, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg).

[2012] ‘Prerequisite for Democracy─ history education and civic awareness in Hong Kong during the late-colonial and post-colonial period’ (Paper presented at the Conference ‚Wege zu mehr Demokratie, gesellschaftliche u. politische Transformationsprozesse‘, DAAD Graduiertenakademie, Berlin).

[2011] ‘Colonial Legacy in Transformation: the post-colonial Hong Kong’ (Paper presented at the ‘Transformation’ Conference in Cardiff University, UK).