Dr. Sudheesh Bhasi

Dr. Sudheesh Bhasi


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Sudheesh Bhasi received his PhD in sociology from Macquarie University. As a postdoctoral research fellow at the MPI, Sudheesh will examine transnational Hindu networks in Malaysia and Singapore. His work will focus on exploring the enduring transnational religious connections of the ‘old Indian diaspora’ and document the extent of the economic, material, affective and symbolic ties that exist within the transnational and translocal social space of Hindu networks. At the heart of this research lies a significant anthropological and sociological concern about the nature of transnationalism in longer-established diasporas – how are transnational religious networks formed, maintained or revitalized in an older diaspora that has been away from the homeland for several generations? Sudheesh’s work will provide a point of comparison to the ongoing research at the MPI under the direction of Professor Dr Peter van der Veer, which has been documenting transnational Chinese temple networks in Malaysia and Singapore.

In his earlier doctoral research, Sudheesh explored everyday religious practices and the production of social capital within the Hindu diaspora in Sydney. Adopting an ethnographic approach, his work sought to rethink the concept of social capital from within the traditional concerns of critical social theory, rather than through a neo-liberal economic lens. His research explored the production of social capital in three main contexts – the religio-cultural norms surrounding food and commensality; the impact of space and place on social interaction and religious structural forms; and the transnational flows which link the localised religious community to a wider, global Hindu diaspora.

Sudheesh’s research interests encompass religion and migration, transnational communities, community development, urban sociality, social inclusion, and neoliberalism.