Dr. Zhen Ma

Dr. Zhen Ma


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Ma Zhen is a postdoc scholar funded by the CSC-DAAD scholarship 2016. She attended her PhD at School for the Study of Ethnology and Sociology, Minzu University of China in September 2013, and got her Doctoral Degree in July 2016. Her PhD research was about Pu'er tea and the encounter between Chinese ethnic minorities and modernity in Southwest China, which titled 'Senses, Marketization and the State-----An Ethnography of a tea producing Bulang village.' Her research interests covers Theravada Buddhism culture, Material Culture, Visual Anthropology, with special reference to the Southwest Chinese minorities like the Bulang, Dai, Wa and Bai.

In addition to her research writing, she has also made three short ethnographic films tiled 'A Holistic Investigation on Wa People’s Wood Drum' (47mins. 2013), 'An, A Wa Girl' (24 mins. 2012) and 'Little Sweet Heart' (19 mins. 2012).Besides, a film on tea production of Bulang people is under editing.

At MPI-MMG, her research is mainly focusing on Theravada Buddhist Practices and Pu'er Tea Marketization of the Bulang and the Dai in the border of China and Burma. She has done some fieldwork among the Bulang, the Dai and Han Chinese entrepreneurs, and will do more research on how the traditional religion can relate economic business ever since Pu'er tea produced dramatic changes into the village's economic conditions and interaction between different ethnic groups.