Scientific staff department of socio-cultural diversity

Sanja Bökle
International Development
Somayeh Chitchian
Urban Studies, Architecture
Dr. Serawit Bekele Debele
Cultural and Religious Studies
Christian Jacobs
Sociology and Geography
Christiane Kofri
Publications and Social Media Manager
Alexei Matveev
Applications programming
Sabine Mohamed
Dr. Michalis Moutselos
Political Sciences, Urban Sociology
Vanessa Rau
Jessica Rosenfeld
Social Studies
Dr. Farhan Samanani
Social Anthropology
Dr. Miriam Schader
Social and Political Sciences
Anna Seegers-Krückeberg
Cultural and Social Anthropology
Dr. Shahd Seethaler-Wari
Architecture, Urban Planning
Dr. Hania Sobhy
Political Science
Michael Stasik
Lisa Szepan
Cultural Anthropology
Tau Tavengwa