Dr. Maria Schiller

Dr. Maria Schiller

Social and Cultural Anthropology, Migration Studies

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Maria Schiller is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Socio-Cultural Diversity, where she is involved in the project ‘Cities and the challenge of diversity: a study in Germany and France’. Her research investigates the representation of diversity in local governance networks in German cities. More specifically, she analyses the interactions between residents and local officials as well as the ways in which immigrants are involved in and make use of local governance networks.

Maria holds a PhD in Migration Studies from the University of Kent. Her PhD thesis was recently published as a monograph entitled ‘European cities, municipal organizations and diversity: The new politics of difference’ by Palgrave Macmillan. For her MA degree she studied social and cultural anthropology at the University of Vienna, with parts of her studies conducted at the University of Utrecht, NL.

Maria has collected teaching experience at the University of Tübingen (Sociology of Migration), at the University of Kent (MA Program ‘International Migration’) and at the University of Vienna (Social & Cultural Anthropology).



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