Prof. AbdouMaliq Simone

Prof. AbdouMaliq Simone

Sociology, Urbanism

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AbdouMaliq Simone is an urbanist in the broad sense that his work focuses on various powers, cultural expressions, governance and planning discourses, spaces and times in cities across the world. His key publications include In Whose Image?: Political Islam and Urban Practices in Sudan (University of Chicago Press, 1994) and For the City Yet to Come: Changing Urban Life in Four African Cities (Duke University Press, 2004), City Life from Jakarta to Dakar: Movements at the Crossroads (Routledge, 2009) and Jakarta, Drawing the City Near (Minnesota, 2014).

His project at the institute 'New urban Worlds: Emerging Forms of Collective Life in the Global South' focussed on new inspiring and disturbing forms of everyday life in metropolitan areas of Lagos, Jakarta, Johannesburg and Delhi. Studying these new urban worlds is fundamental both for the remaking of Urban studies and for the formulation of effective urban and social policies. The project has been undertaken with one of the MPI’s long term partners, the African Center for Cities; University of Cape Town; as well as prospective partners, the Institute for Human Settlements (India), SARAI (India), the Rujak Centre for Urban Studies (Jakarta), the Goethe Institute (Lagos and Jakarta).

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