Dr. Hania Sobhy

Dr. Hania Sobhy


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Hania Sobhy is a Research Fellow at the Department of Socio-Cultural Diversity. Her current research project comparatively examines how different constellations of social policy and representational politics in North and West Africa affect schools and shape youth cultures and prospects. Her first book, expected for publication in 2018, interrogates the everyday fashioning of classed and gendered citizenship in Egypt by studying different tiers of schools and questioning their functioning as ‘disciplinary’ and nation-building institutions. Her other recent research project followed the repertoires and practices of electoral mobilization of ‘pro-Revolution’ activists and analysed voting patterns in Egypt after 2011.

In 2016, Hania was Visiting Scholar at the Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies at Phillips-University Marburg, Germany. In 2015, she held a Postdoctoral Fellowship (Marie Curie COFUND) at the Institut de Recherches et d’Etudes sur le Monde Arabe et Musulman (IREMAM) in Aix-en-Provence, France. Prior to this, she was a Fellow at the Orient-Institut Beirut (OIB) of the Max Weber Foundation, where she further developed her research project initiated during her fellowship with the EUME program and Freie Universitaet Berlin in 2012-3. Hania completed her PhD in Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London and her BA and MA in Economics and Political Science at McGill University in Montreal. She has taught Middle East Politics, International Relations, International Politics of Economic Relations and Comparative Politics at SOAS, Exeter and McGill.  She has also taken up various medium and short-term assignment in the fields of education, research management and project evaluation since 2004.


[Forthcoming 2018] Schooling the Nation: Markets, Violence and Broken Social Contracts in Egypt. Stanford University Press (Revise and Resubmit).

[2015] Secular Façade, Neoliberal Islamisation: Textbook Nationalism from Mubarak to Sisi. Nations & Nationalism 21(4): 805-24.

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[2009 [2011]] Amr Khaled and Young Muslim Elites: Islamism and the Consolidation of Mainstream Muslim Piety in Egypt. In Cairo Contested: Governance, Urban Space and Global Modernity, edited by Diane Singerman. Pp. 415- 454. Cairo: American University Press.

[2007] Reading Reform into the Past: Power and Islamist Articulations of Muslim History. Quest Spring. 

Public outreach

In englischer Sprache

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In arabischer Sprache

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