Lucas Drouhot

Dr. Lucas Drouhot


Tel.: +49 (551) 4956 - 189
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Lucas Drouhot is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Socio-Cultural Diversity, with substantive interests in international migration, social networks and social stratification. His current research agenda focuses on the incorporation of the children of immigrants in Western Europe and the United States - with an empirical focus on acculturation dynamics, friendship patterns and entrepreneurial action as they relate to broader processes of assimilation. Lucas is also involved in the design and implementation of a follow up survey to the “Diversity and Contact” project.

Before joining the Institute, Lucas obtained a Ph.D in Sociology from Cornell University (2018), a B.A. in Sociology from McGill University (2012) and Licence de Science Politique from the University of Lyon (2009). In his doctoral dissertation, Lucas used both large scale survey data analysis and ethnographic fieldwork to study the role of religion and religiosity in shaping incorporation and acculturation among Muslim populations in Europe, with a particular emphasis on the French empirical context.