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Megha Amrith: “How Do The Processes of Aging and Migration Inform Each Other?”
Where research on migration has classically centered on young people, studies of aging have generally focused on particular places. In this video, MEGHA AMRITH and her research group bring these two processes together, exploring the implications of growing older across borders, in a globalized world.
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Ayelet Shachar: “Are States Shifting Their Borders to Control Immigration?”
Borders have been conceptualized in two main ways. The “static border” is the fixed line on a map that separates one country from another. Post 1989, the concept of the “disappearing border” came into fashion, the notion that borders and their influence onhuman mobility would become increasingly irrelevant. In this video, AYELET SHACHAR argues that though contemporary borders are not static, they have certainly not disappeared.
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Peter van der Veer: “Is Confucianism a Religion or a Secular Moral System?”
When asked about the place of religion in their culture, many Chinese people will answer that China is a secular country with no major impact of religion. However, as PETER VAN DER VEER explains in this video, the Chinese are more religious than this perspective suggests and perform many rituals in their daily life.
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Steven Vertovec: “How Can We Best Respond to the Challenges Presented by Super-Diversity?”
More people from more places are migrating to more places, leading to greater linguistic, religious and ethnic diversity, especially in urban areas. In this video, STEVEN VERTOVEC analyzes this super-diversification and considers how societies can best respond to the challenges it presents.
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