Max Planck Research Groups

Since 1969 the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft has supported many talented young scientists and researchers through its Max Planck Research Groups, providing them with the opportunity to lay the stepping stones for a successful career in science by assuming responsibility for research early on in their career. An overwhelming majority of Max Planck Research Group leaders has very successfully proceeded to full professorships at German universities or abroad after their term, and a significant part also has been appointed as a Max Planck Director later on.

Research Group Leader: Dr. Megha Amrith
Ageing in a Time of Mobility’ is a global and interdisciplinary project that investigates the interconnections between two key phenomena in the twenty-first century: ageing populations and global migration. ... more
Research Group Leader: Dr. Jeremy F. Walton
The empires that once defined the political geography of Europe are no more. One cannot meet a Prussian, Romanov, Habsburg, or Ottoman today; these dusty categories of affiliation have ceded to ...
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