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Ageing and (im)mobility: gendered experiences of growing old in Tajikistan in the context of mass labor migration (Swetlana Torno)

Ageing in displacement: East Timorese diasporas in Indonesia (Victoria Kumala Sakti)


Becoming Jewish Berlin-style (Vanessa Rau)

Being and Becoming Black – self-(re)presentation and embodiment and the (hidden) diversity of African migrants and refugees in German cities (Johanna M. Lukate)

Between accommodation and integration: comparing institutional arrangements for asylum-seekers (Susanne Becker, Simona Pagano, Miriam Schader, Steven Vertovec, Shahd Seethaler-Wari)

Between a rock and a hard place: Sinophobia and religious nationalist sentiments in Vietnam (Tam Ngo)

Bones of contention: technologies of identification and the politics of reconciliation in Vietnam (Tam Ngo)


The challenges of migration, integration, and exclusion (WiMi - Wissenschaftsinitiative Migration und Integration) (Susanne Becker, Annett Fleischer, Simona Pagano, Miriam Schader, Steven Vertovec, Shahd Seethaler-Wari, Magdalena Suerbaum)

Chinese Christian community and network in Germany (Jie Kang)

CityDiv · Cities and the challenge of diversity: a study in Germany and France (Project leader: Karen Schönwälder • Researchers: Christine Lang, Lisa Szepan)

Christian tourism and its global connectedness (Jie Kang)

CompleXities: transformative urban ideas from the (rest of the) world (Tau Tavengwa)

Constructing livelihoods: older Cameroonians in times of mobility (Nele Wolter) 


The DATARAMA: advancing immersive data visualization for the Social Sciences (Steven Vertovec, Alexei Matveev, Norbert Winnige, Tau Tavengwa • Former staff member: Jonathan Portelli)

Diversity assent in urban Germany · ProDiv (Karen Schönwälder, Lucas Drouhot and Steven Vertovec, in cooperation with Sören Petermann (Dortmund University))


Education and citizenship in post-uprising North Africa (Hania Sobhy)

The EU Migrant Generation in Asia. Middle-Class Aspirations in Asian Global Cities (Helena Hof)


Foreign entrepreneurs in Tokyo's and Singapore's knowledge-intensive start-up sector (Helena Hof)

Forever Seventeen: The Contested Ages of Asylum Seekers in Germany (Ulrike Bialas)


Intersectional advocacy: civil society organizations in times of singularization & diversification (Sanja Bökle)


Life cycle rituals and the booming economy. Ordinations, funerals, and ethical change in urban Lao Buddhism (subproject of the Max Planck Cambridge Centre for Ethics, Economy and Social Change) (Patrice Ladwig)


Missionary movement of the Chinese Protestant House Church (Jie Kang)


North-South by East-West (Peter van der Veer, Tam Ngo)


Political institutions and the challenge of diversity (Karen Schönwälder, Alex Street (now Caroll College, U.S.A.) and Michalis Moutselos (now University of Cyprus, Nikosia) • Former staff members: Cihan Sinanoglu, Daniel Volkert)


Refugees and religion (Peter van der Veer)

(Re-)production and imagination of urban social space by Pentecostal immigrants in South Africa: a narrative ethnography (Tinashe Chimbidzikai)

Retiring from temporary lives: ageing migrant labor in Asia (Megha Amrith)

The road ahead is paved with wireless networks: refugees, mobile technology, and adaptation in Germany (Jessica Rosenfeld)


Schooling the nation: education and everyday politics in Egypt (Hania Sobhy)

Subjective perception and processing of social inequality: the emergence of interpretative patterns related to the social structure (Margherita Cusmano)

Super-diversity (Steven Vertovec)


The unclaimed war: the social memory of the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese Border War in China and Vietnam (Tam Ngo)


ZOMiDi · Civil society organizations and the challenges of migration and diversity: Agents of Change. Teilprojekt "Behinderung/sexuelle Minderheiten" (Karen Schönwälder, Vanessa Rau, Sanja Bökle, in cooperation with Helen Baykara-Krumme [now University Duisburg-Essen])

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