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Ageing agents: making a living among older Cameroonians in times of mobility (Nele Wolter) 

Ageing in displacement: East Timorese diasporas in Indonesia (Victoria Kumala Sakti)


Between accommodation and integration: comparing institutional arrangements for asylum-seekers (Susanne Becker, Simona Pagano, Miriam Schader, Steven Vertovec, Shahd Wari)

The boundaries of citizenship within the European Union (Martijn van den Brink)

The boundary dilemma (Benjamin Boudou)


Calling for the Super Citizen: the genealogy and effects of naturalisation (Elisabeth Badenhoop)

Changing legal definitions of minority rights and nationhood in written constitutions (Matthias Koenig)

Cities and the challenge of diversity: a study in Germany and France (Project leader: Karen Schönwälder • Researchers: Christian Jacobs, Christine Lang, Michalis Moutselos, Maria Schiller, Lisa Szepan)

Civil society organizations and the challenges of migration and diversity: Agents of Change (ZOMiDi). Teilprojekt "Behinderung/sexuelle Minderheiten" (Karen Schönwälder, Helen Baykara-Krumme, Sanja Bökle)


Dis/trusted partners: Local Mosque activism during the German refugee crisis (Arndt Emmerich)


Empire(s) in a flash: locating Habsburg and Ottoman pasts (Jeremy Walton)

Empires on the Danube: European narratives and urban erasure in Belgrade, Budapest, Vienna and Ruse (Miloš Jovanović)

Ethnic difference and political stability in urban Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Sabine Mohamed)


Fortress architecture and the politics of spatial control (Derek Denman)


Governing the monastic order. A comparative exploration of traditional sangha-laws in pre-modern Laos and their transformations under colonialism (Patrice Ladwig)


Housing policy and mobilization in the French suburbs (Michalis Moutselos)


(Im)mobilities of transnational ageing care: negotiating separation, solidarity and conflict within Brazilian families (Dora Sampaio)

International law and the politics of religious difference: a historical sociological account (Matthias Koenig)

Intersecting spaces of superdiversity (Sakura Yamamura)


Judicial politics and the governance of religious diversity (Matthias Koenig, Lisa Harms)



Law, Jewish identity, and the question of difference (Mareike Riedel)

Local transformations and asylum-seeker reception (Miriam Schader)

Logistification of migration: Corridors of circulation, bordering, and rebellion (Somayeh Chitchian)

Lost in translation: negotiation of language and identity among Chinese immigrants in Berlin (Jingyang Yu)


Musical mobility and the making of transnational religious networks among the Christian Lisu in post- 1980s Yunnan and Burma/Myanmar (Ying Diao)


North-South by East-West (Peter van der Veer, Tam Ngo)



Post-imperial diversities – majority-minority relations in the transition from empires to nation-states (Matthias Koenig)


Retiring from temporary lives: ageing migrant labour in Asia (Megha Amrith)

The road ahead is paved with wireless networks: refugees, mobile technology and adaptation in Germany (Jessica Rosenfeld)


Socio-religious affinities, economic dominance: Chinese diasporic institutions and networks in Northeast Sumatra, c. 1920-present (Hui Kian Kwee, University of Toronto)

Spiritual heritage and the question of post-war reconciliation in Vietnam (Tam Ngo)

Super-diversity (Steven Vertovec)


Toward a Parliament of Migrants: Representation and Participation Beyond Membership (Benjamin Boudou)


The Unclaimed War: The Social Memory of the 1979 Sino-Vietnamese border war in China and Vietnam (Tam Ngo)



" 'Weltstadt' without migrants?" Transnational memories and post-imperial nostalgia in Vienna's urban heritage (Annika Kirbis)

Where time and space are consumed, but only the coffee is found on the bill (Giulia Carabelli)

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