Issue (33)

  1. 2018
    Patrice Ladwig (ed) and Ricardo Roque (ed), "States of imitation: mimetic governmentality and colonial rule", in Social Analysis, (2018), Vol. 62.
  2. Issue
    Maria Schiller (ed) and Sarah Hackett (ed), "The impact of economic crisis on local immigrant policies: Evidence from European cities", in Comparative Migration Studies, (2018), Vol. 6.
  3. 2017
    Peter Kankonde Bukasa (ed), Matthew Wilhelm-Solomon (ed), and Lorena Núñez (ed), "Vital instability: ontological insecurity and African urbanisms", in Critical African Studies, (2017), Vol. 9.
  4. Issue
    Patrice Ladwig (ed) and Nicolas Sihlé (ed), "[Special Section:] Toward a comparative Anthropology of Buddhism", in Religion and Society: Advances in Research, (2017), Vol. 8.
  5. Issue
    Léonie Newhouse (ed) and Tau Tavengwa (ed), "How the East African corridor spanning the Indian Ocean from Somalia to South Africa is being radically re-shaped", in Cityscapes: The Corridor, (2017).
  6. Issue
    Karen Schönwälder and Andrea D. Bührmann, "How organizations respond to diversity: Investigations at the local level", in Journal of ethnic and migration studies, (Taylor & Francis, 2017), Vol. 43.
  7. 2016
    Marian Burchardt (ed) and Irene Becci (ed), "Religion and superdiversity", in New Diversities, (2016), Vol. 18.
  8. Issue
    Marian Burchardt (ed), Stefan Höhne (ed), and AbdouMaliq Simone (ed), "The infrastructures of diversity: Materiality and culture in urban space", in New Diversities, (2016), Vol. 17.
  9. Issue
    Jin-Heon Jung (ed) and Peter van der Veer (ed), "Urban aspirations in Seoul", in Journal of Korean Religions, (2016), Vol. 7.
  10. Issue
    Reza Masoudi Nejad (ed), "Crowds, protests and processions: revisiting urban experiences", in Distinktion: Journal of Social Theory, (2016), Vol. 17.
  11. Issue
    Peter van der Veer (ed), "Prayer and Politics", in Journal of Religious and Political Practice, (Taylor and Francis, New York, 2016), Vol. 2.
  12. Issue
    Peter van der Veer (ed) and Daniel Goh (ed), "The sacred and the urban in Asia", in International Sociology, (Sage, 2016), Vol. 31.
  13. 2015
    Uday Chandra (ed), "Rethinking resistance: Subaltern politics and the state in contemporary India", in Journal of contemporary Asia, (Taylor & Francis, New York, 2015), Vol. 45.
  14. Issue
    Peter van der Veer (ed), Daniel P. S. Goh (ed), and Tim Bunnell (ed), "Doing Asian cities", in Ethnography, (Sage, 2015), Vol. 16.
  15. Issue
    Steven Vertovec (ed) and Fran Meissner (ed), "Comparing super-diversity", in Ethnic and Racial Studies, (Taylor & Francis, New York, 2015), Vol. 38.
  16. 2014
    Jayeel Serrano Cornelio (ed) and Manuel Victor J. Sapitula (ed), "Sociology of Religion", in Philippine Sociological Review, (2014), Vol. 61.
  17. Issue
    Jayeel Serrano Cornelio (ed), "Filipino Catholicism", in Philippine Studies: Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints, (2014), Vol. 62.
  18. Issue
    Kristine Krause (ed), David Parkin (ed), and Gabriele Alex (ed), "Turning Therapies: Placing Medical Diversity", in Medical Anthropology, (Taylor & Francis, New York, 2014), Vol. 33.
  19. Issue
    Magdalena Nowicka (ed) and Steven Vertovec (ed), "Comparing convivialities: Dreams and realities of living-with-difference", in European Journal of Cultural Studies, (Sage, 2014), Vol. 17.
  20. 2013
    Marian Burchardt (ed) and Monika Wohlrab-Sahr (ed), "Multiple secularities: Religion and modernity in the global age", in International Sociology, (Sage, London, 2013), Vol. 28.
  21. Issue
    Marian Burchardt (ed), Eileen Moyer (ed), and Rijk van Dijk (ed), "Sexuality, intimacy and counselling: perspectives from Africa", in Culture, Health & Sexuality, (Taylor & Francis, London, 2013), Vol. 15.
  22. Issue
    Marian Burchardt (ed), Amy S. Patterson (ed), and Louise Mubanda Rasmussen (ed), "The politics and anti-politics of social movements: religion and HIV/AIDS in Africa", in Canadian Journal of African Studies, (Taylor & Francis, London, 2013), Vol. 47.
  23. Issue
    Matthias Koenig (ed) and Christof Wolf (ed), "Religion und Gesellschaft", in Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, (VS Verlag Sozialwissenschaften, Wiesbaden, 2013), Vol. 65.
  24. Issue
    Kristine Krause (ed) and Kodjo Senah Sjaak Van der Geest (ed), "Health and health care: Social, cultural and historical perspectives", in Ghana Studies, (2013), Vol. 15-16.
  25. Issue
    Sin Wen Lau (ed), "Reconstituting boundaries and connectivity: religion and mobility in a globalising Asia", in The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, (2013), Vol. 14.
  26. Issue
    Sin Wen Lau (ed) and Philip Fountain (ed), "Anthropological theologies: Engagements and encounters", in The Australian Journal of Anthropology, (2013), Vol. 24.
  27. Issue
    David Parkin (ed), Kristine Krause (ed), and Gabriele Alex (ed), "Therapeutic crises, diversification and mainstreaming", in Anthropology & Medicine, (2013), Vol. 20.
  28. Issue
    Karen Schönwälder (ed) and Irene Bloemraad (ed), "Immigrant incorporation in urban politics", in European Political Science, (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), Vol. 12.
  29. Issue
    Darshan Vigneswaran (ed) and Joel Quirk (ed), "Representing ‘hidden’ populations: a symposium on sampling techniques", in Journal of Refugee Studies, (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2013), Vol. 26.
  30. 2012
    Karel Arnaut (ed), Jan Blommaert (ed), Ben Rampton (ed), and Massimiliano Spotti (ed), "Language and Superdiversities II", in Diversities, edited by (2012), Vol. 14.
  31. 2011
    Alexander Horstmann (ed), "Borderlands and Border Studies in South-East Asia", in Austrian journal of South-East Asian studies: ASEAS = Österreichische Zeitschrift für Südostasienwissenschaften: ASEAS, (Gesellschaft für Südostasienwissenschaften, Wien, 2011), Vol. 4.
  32. Issue
    Peter van der Veer (ed), "Religious networks in Asia and beyond", in Encounters, (Zayed Univ. Press, Dubai, 2011), Vol. 4.
  33. 2010
    Steven Vertovec (ed), "Depicting Diversities", in Diversities, (2010), Vol. 12.
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