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Researchers from the institute describe the development of their projects and the challenges, delights and frustrations of conducting social scientific research.

Retirement of Peter van der Veer on 31.05.2021
Blog | July 2021
Pavelić’s Ghost Sidecar
Blog | June 2021
Is Indian capitalism really designed to enhance public welfare? 
Blog | March 2021
The female silhouette of the Belarusian uprising
Blog | November 2020
Decentralise the Procedure but not the Law? Cautionary Lessons from Switzerland’s Multilevel Citizenship Global Citizenship Observatory (GLOBALCIT)
Blog | August 2020
Four Days Quarantine in an Ankara Hospital, or, Disciplinary Power in the Time of Covid-19 American Ethnologist
Blog | July 2020
How “A Burning” grapples with India’s current political reality
The Caravan
Blog | June 2020
Magical afterlives in post-genocidal Turkey
Blog | May 2020
Mobility after Covid-19: From ‘globubble’ to ‘slowbubble’
Blog | May 2020
A critical tribute to sociologist Yogendra Singh (1932-2020) — as a teacher, and his thoughts as a scholar Firstpost
Blog | May 2020
space, place The Immanent Frame
Blog | May 2020
To Steward Unruly Imperial Pasts TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research
Blog | May 2020
Commodifying and Generating Spiritual Love: The Love Pilgrimage of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi (1207-1273) The Sociological Review
Blog | May 2020
Enduring indifference and the vital labour of migrant domestic workers Identities COVID-19 Blog Series
Blog | April 2020
Global Breathing
Blog | April 2020
Low-skilled migrants after COVID-19: Singapore futures? COMPAS Coronavirus and Mobility Forum
Blog | April 2020
Virus, curse or prophecy? African Pentecostals making sense of the COVID-19 pandemic ASCL Africanist Blog
Blog | April 2020
Borders in the Time of COVID-19 Ethics & International Affairs
Blog | March 2020
Citizen Amendment Act is Confirmation of India as a Hindu Nation-State Berkley Forum
Blog | March 2020
Chinese Black humor in a Time of Crisis and Despair
Blog | February 2020
‘Boa viagem’ (or ‘visa trips’): on migration, separation, and faith
Blog | December 2019
Spirit The Immanent Frame
Blog | November 2019
70th anniversary - Patriotism becomes fashionable in China
Blog | October 2019
Waiting for Sundays. Fieldwork reflections
Blog | October 2019
Giving, time, and a wish The Immanent Frame
Blog | September 2019
Reflections on the ‘Grey is the New Pink: Moments of Ageing’ Exhibition
Blog | July 2019
INSIDE OUT – OUTSIDE IN. Shifting Architectures of Refugee (In)habitation
Blog | July 2019
Les bus ghanéens, entre attente, ruses et petits arrangements Le Monde Afrique
Blog | May 2019
Fieldnote 3: Buddhism, booming businesses and the ritual economy in urban Laos Max-Cam
Blog | March 2019
“All organizing is disorganizing”
Blog | May 2019
Du bist nicht #vonhier, oder? Kommentar zur aktuellen „Heimat“- und „Herkunfts“debatte
Blog | March 2019
“The Local Citizenship Crisis in Switzerland”
Blog | February 2019
“Voice, Sound and Atmospheres: Religious Feelings and Beyond”: A blog on the workshop held on 7 Feb 2019 at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Ethnic and Religious Diversity, Göttingen
Blog | February 2019
Do Policies Have Worlds? Some Reflexions on “Integration” and Local Governance
Blog | December 2018
Eine direkte Demokratie wird in der globalisierten Rechtsordnung erwachsen: Die Schweiz nach der Selbstbestimmungs­initiative Verfassungsblog
Blog | December 2018
Off-Center Inquiry
Blog | December 2018
Lessons of an Eccentric Perspective on Empire
Blog | December 2018
The public understanding of migration
Blog | December 2018
Ageing in a Time of Mobility: An Introduction
Blog | December 2018
(Im)mobilities of transnational ageing care: negotiating separation, solidarity and conflict within Brazilian families Blog | December 2018
Portraits of Ageing in Displacement: East Timorese Diasporas in Indonesia
Blog | December 2018
Constructing Livelihoods: Older Cameroonians in Times of Mobility
Blog | December 2018
Ageing Bodies: Retiring from Temporary Lives
Blog | December 2018
#MeTwo – und die Frage, was sozialen Aufstieg in der deutschen Einwanderungsgesellschaft so schwer macht
Blog | December 2018
Race in Britain: inequality, identity, belonging Cumberland Lodge

Blog | November 2018
„Festung Europa“. Es wird Zeit für ein anderes Bild Geschichte der Gegenwart

Blog | September 2018
Ankunfts-, Entscheidungs- und Rückführungszentren (AnkER-Zentren) – Erwartungen und kritische Bestandsaufnahme Netzwerk Flüchtlingsforschung

Blog | September 2018
Vor Jahrhunderten gab es eine Flüchtlingskrise – das können wir daraus lernen FOCUS Online

Blog | August 2018
Was kann die offene Gesellschaft dem chauvinistischen Nationalismus entgegensetzen? Der Tagesspiegel

July 2018
Crossing and conversion: Conclusion SSRC Forums

Blog | July 2018
The Solidarity Offense in France: Egalité, Fraternité, Solidarité! Verfassungsblog

Blog | July 2018
Die Fiktion der Nichteinreise ist ein Instrument der Entrechtung Verfassungsblog

Blog | July 2018
Kommentar zu „In den AnkER-Zentren wollen wir die Asyl-Verfahren nicht nur schneller, sondern auch ...“ Netzwerk Flüchtlingsforschung

Blog | June 2018
Is the Reasoning in "Coman" as Good as the Result? Verfassungsblog

Blog | June 2018
Diversity, anthropologically studied
Blog | June 2018
Workshop on “Chinese Religions in the Age of Massive Urbanization”
Blog | June 2018
Fieldnotes on interpretation and the limits of activist-research
Blog | June 2018
Shinto Shrines in Taiwan 101: Art Exhibition in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Blog | June 2018
Weshalb man Asylsuchende nicht an der Grenze abweisen kann Verfassungsblog
Blog | June 2018
Weshalb man Asylsuchende nicht an der Grenze abweisen kann, Teil 2 Verfassungsblog
Blog | June 2018
A Critical Perspective on “Associate EU Citizenship” Brexit Institute News

Blog | May 2018
Twentieth-Century Faces of Anthropology’s Holism Renewing Political Anthropology
Anthropology News
Blog | May 2018
Economy or Justice? How Urban Actors Respond to Diversity Urban Affairs Forum
Blog | May 2018
The Dead and the Living
Blog | April 2018
Finding Place(s) for the Past in Trieste/A Trieste, cercando di far posto alla storia A collaboration between Alessio Mazzaro and members of the EoM research group
Blog | April 2018
Is Political Anthropology Dead? Renewing Political Anthropology
Anthropology News
Blog | February 2018
Advertizing against Asylum Thoughts on the “Rumours about Germany” Campaign

Blog | January 2018
Kenya’s 2017 Election Devolution, Uncertainty, and Unpredictable Electorates
Blog | August 2017
Tianjin’s Imperial Discomfort
Blog | August 2017
Trieste is Sissi with Piercings and Blue Hair
Blog | June 2017
Echoes of History: Chinese Poetry at the Angel Island Immigration Station
Blog | May 2017
Europe wrote the book on demonising refugees, long before Trump read it The Guardian
Blog | February 2017
Post-Imperial Peregrinations (On the Origins of Empires of Memory)
Blog | February 2017
“I want my entry tickets back!”

Blog | September 2016
Banlieues and the terrorist enemy within
Blog | November 2015
Come Tomorrow
Blog | October 2015
A Machine for the Production of Gods SSRC Forums

Blog | August 2015
Regulations versus hierarchies: Commuters creating inhabitable worlds in the Mumbai suburban trains Somatosphere
Blog | May 2015
Commonplace diversity: stable and peaceful relations across myriad differences in Hackney LSE
Blog | February 2015
Religious Diversity in Singapore
Blog | November 2014
China’s stained glass windows
Blog | October 2014
Preparing to capture the use of gesture in Mumbai
Blog | April 2014
From Accra to Bolgatanga and back: reflections on a month spent in Ghana

Blog | March 2014
Hizbullah Between Islamism and Imperialism: Romanticizing Violence, Idealizing Categories?
Blog | February 2014
Reading ‘super-diversity’
Blog | February 2014
Rethinking of Social Scientific Study of Religion – metanotes from the field, summer 2013
Blogs | November 2013
Master Yang’s Lingering Power SSRC Forums

Blog | September 2013
Notes on the Familiar Stranger: thinking through ambivalent encounters in public spaces. Part One.
Blog | August 2013
Icons and Iconoclasm: Dying to the World
Blog | June 2013
Urban Friendship Networks as “Communities of Convenience” FASS Cities Research Cluster Blog
Blog | May 2013
Practicing Public Anthropology with Khenpo Sodargye
Blog | April 2013
The Prayer Blog: The Ritual Location of Prayer SSRC Forums

Blog | March 2013
Fieldworking with Khenpo Sodargye – The Charismatic Mind of a Modern Buddhist Thinker
Blog | February 2013
Kazan - City of cultures
Blog | January 2013
Good and evil in a sufficiently unsuccessful interview
Blog | November 2012
Ensouling the Mountain. Dan Smyer Yu on Film Making

Blog | October 2012
Thoughts from Shanghai’s Bund
Blog | September 2012
Youth studies and emancipation
Blog | July 2012
Embrace. Dan Smyer Yu on film making
Blog | June 2012
Reflections on video log
Blog | February 2012
Time, order, and the ethical in the production of ethnographic knowledge
Blog | January 2012
Fieldwork at ‘home’
Blog | October 2011
After 9/11
Blog | September 2011
An anthropologist among believers
Blog | June 2011
Being ‘in between’ – the challenges of doing medium-N research
Blog | April 2011
Checking the signs
Blog | December 2010
Emphatic beginnings: from culture contact to creolization
Blog | October 2010
Diversity, cosmopolitans and locals
Blog | September 2010
Ties that bind: the emotional entanglements of ethnography
Blog | August 2010
Social sciences, theology and many coffee cups
Blog | June 2010
Windows to a virtual field
Blog | April 2010
Christianity, space and gender in the Chinese Christian community in the UK: tracing a trajectory
Blog | March 2010
Angst and Enlightenment in the City of Angels
Blog | February 2010
Doing fieldwork with religious missionary networks
Blog | January 2010
Anthropology on the threshold. Ethnographic infiltration of a public organisation
Blog | November 2009
On research and festivities
Blog | October 2009
Ominous illness initiators – Germans, Indians and in-laws
Blog | August 2009
Anthropological Travel: between institutional support and the perils of paperwork
Blog | June 2009
Losing Track of Time and Other Side Effects of Pursuing a Doctorate
Blog | May 2009
Advantages and disadvantages of a secondary analysis
Blog | April 2009
Doing fieldwork with busy people
Blog | March 2009
Searching for multicultural El Dorado
Blog | February 2009
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