As societies across the globe become ever more diverse, pressing new challenges come to the fore. These include the need to develop far better understanding of topics such as: the changing relationships between mobility and inequality; the interaction of globalization, religious diversity, and the secular state; the legal boundaries of cultural accommodation; global cities and emerging super-diversity within them; new forms of membership and belonging; and the trans-border networking of ethnic and religious minorities. These are some of the topics that animate the rigorous studies pursued by researchers at the Institute through a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including anthropology, sociology, political science, and law.

Worldwide, societies are becoming more complex through migration-driven processes of diversification. The Department of Socio-Cultural Diversity, directed by Steven Vertovec, is devoted to comparative investigation ... more
Questions of citizenship, identity, and mobility are at the frontiers of scholarly research. Directed by Ayelet Shachar, researchers at the new Department of Ethics, Law, and Politics ... more
Religious diversity is a regular feature of modern, complex society. The focus of the department was therefore not on diversity per se, but on the project of the nation-state to create a national, integrated culture ... more


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