Global Networks Journal

Edited by:    Megha Amrith, Zachary Neal and Johanna L. Waters

Global Networks publishes high quality, peer-reviewed research on global networks, transnational affairs and practices, and their relation to wider theories of globalization. The journal provides a forum for discussion, debate and the refinement of key ideas in this emerging field. The international team of editors are committed to open and critical dialogue and encourage the reasoned scrutiny of claims about the coming shape of the world. Contributions are drawn mainly from anthropology, geography, international political economy, business studies and sociology, but they also include history, political science, international relations, cultural studies and urban and regional studies.

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The latest Thomas Reuters index of the world’s most highly cited journals has been released in the 2019 Journal Citation Report. We are proud that the Max Planck Institute-linked journal Global Networks is among the top 20 journals globally in not one, but three separate academic disciplines.

  • In the discipline of Anthropology, Global Networks is ranked 7th out of 90 journals
  • In the discipline of Geography, Global Networks is ranked 18th out of 83 journals
  • In the discipline of Sociology, Global Networks is ranked 13th out of 148 journals

Being in the top 20 is an outstanding achievement for a journal within any single discipline; Global Networks is the only journal to have such high impact across several separate social science disciplines.


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