Library — Information & Publication Services

Library — Information & Publication Services

Our mission

The library is a central service unit and information services provider for the Institute’s researchers. We support research at MPI-MMG across the research cycle by offering demand-driven and efficient services.

As the Institute’s library, we specialise in religious studies, anthropology, ethnology, sociology, political science and international law.

Our services include:

  • ✦ Literature supply
    • ✧ Comprehensive​ literature supply on the Institute's key research areas
  • ✦ Publication support
    • ✧ Open-access funding
    • ✧ Research data management
  • ✦ Library know-how
    • ✧ Open science &​​​ open access​
    • ✧ Licences & copyright
    • ✧ Identifiers (ORCID)
    • ✧ Literature management
    • ✧ Consulting and workshops​

Sites & access

The main part of our library holdings is located in the Historical Building of the State and University Library (SUB) Göttingen (Papendiek 14). The holdings are available to the public for on-site consultation during the opening hours of the SUB. Staff and guests of the MPI-MMG are allowed to borrow books.

In the Library Hall at Hermann-Föge-Weg 11, a small part of our holdings can be consulted (access for visitors by appointment only).

For your literature search, please use our ELISA search portal.



The library staff offices are at Hermann-Föge-Weg 12a (ground floor).

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