Weniger Kirche, mehr religiöse Pluralität: Religionsverfassungsrecht revisited

in German • The interview with Vanessa Rau was conducted by Christiane Florin on Deutschlandfunk. more

Wie nehmen wir Menschen mit krausen Haaren wahr?

in German • Who am I? Who are the others? And who do they think I am? We also look for answers to these questions in outward appearances and then infer a person's personality from their appearance. Hair and hairstyles play a special role in such attributions, as Johanna Lukate tells us in this podcast episode of Ach, Mensch. more



Podcast February 28, 2022

Peter Hennessy, Jane Alison and Farhan Samanani discuss Britain post-war and post-Covid, with Helen Lewis, on BBC Start the Week podcast. more

Wie stehen die Deutschen zu Diversität?

in German • Everyone seems to be talking about diversity: companies, banks, soccer... Karen Schönwälder from the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity investigates how far acceptance in society really goes and straightens out a skewed picture in this podcast. more

Refugee accommodations in Göttingen

Refugee accommodations in Göttingen

Podcast October 06, 2017

in German • An interview with Shahd Wari about refugee accommodations in Göttingen. more

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