Civil society organizations and the challenges of migration and diversity: Agents of Change (ZOMiDi). Teilprojekt "Behinderung/sexuelle Minderheiten"

Karen Schönwälder, Vanessa Rau, Sanja Bökle

The project investigates how and why civil society organizations change in response to migration and societal diversity. Such organizations play a key role in processes of social self organization and participation, and they are indispensable for societal integration in developed democracies. While we now know that migration processes transform host societies, we are also aware of the persistence of institutions and organizations and of the related processes of exclusion and discrimination. This project investigates this tension while focusing on the conditions and actors that further change towards more openness, diversity and participation. The focus will be on organizations for which difference and participation are constitutive because they represent particular, potentially disadvantaged population groups.

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