Dr. Ludmila Bogdan

Curriculum Vitae

Ludmila Bogdan's research centers on the interplay of migration, human trafficking, and mass media in Eastern Europe. She relies on empirical data collected from public surveys and interviews with a wide range of constituencies affected by this problem in Moldova: the general public, former and current migrants, victims of human trafficking, imprisoned human traffickers and smugglers, Moldovan state officials, social assistance workers, the UN officials, the EU officials, and other anti-trafficking experts in Europe. In her recent work on Moldova, she uncovers why more impoverished citizens aspire less to migrate, while better-off people are more willing to relocate abroad.

Ludmila held academic positions at Harvard University, Georgetown University, University of Vienna, and Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. She gained practical experience in multilateral diplomacy and international security through positions at the Women in International Security – Austria, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the Citizens Network for Foreign Affairs, and the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training.

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