Dr. Artem Galushko, 2019-2021

Curriculum Vitae

Artem Galushko was a post-doctoral researcher in the Max Planck Fellow Group “Governance of Cultural Diversity”, funded through the Era-Net/RUS project “Post-imperial Diversities – Majority-minority-relations in the Transition from Empires to Nation-states.” He received a doctoral degree from the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary (2019). He also holds an M.A. degree in political science from the CEU. Due to a DAAD Scholarship, in 2013, he received an LL.M. degree in European and International Law at the Europa-Institut in Saarbrücken, Germany. He is also a recipient of a research fellowship of the Swedish Institute (2018-2019) and a Global Teaching Fellowship at the University of Yangon, Myanmar (2017). At UNICEF (2005-2009), he contributed to the campaign “Unite for Children, Unite Against AIDS.” As a Law Coordinator of the Soros Foundation (2009-2010), he conducted strategic litigation in the European Court of Human Rights. His duties at the National Democratic Institute (2011-2012) included organizing advocacy schools for civil society. During his doctoral studies, he wrote analytical reports for the Child Rights Foundation “Hintalovon” and the CEU School of Public Policy.

Research projects

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