Dr. Dora Sampaio

Curriculum Vitae

Dora Sampaio was a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity. Previously, she was an Associate Tutor and Guest Lecturer at the University of Sussex, where she taught in the fields of human geography and migration studies, and Research Fellow at the Centre for Geographical Studies of the University of Lisbon, where she collaborated on a number of national and international projects in the field of migration studies. Her research interests lie at the intersection of ageing and transnational (im)mobilities, focusing on issues of care, intergenerational relationships, inequality, and strategy over the life course. She has published findings from her research in Area, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Journal of Rural Studies, Finisterra, as well as in a number of edited volumes.



Extra information

Stay at MPI-MMG:
November 2021 - December 2022

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