Mira Seyfettinoglu

Curriculum Vitae


Mira Seyfettinoglu (Global Citizenship Observatory – Research Collaborator)

Mira Seyfettinoglu holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in European Studies from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. In addition to her studies in Maastricht, Mira worked as a research assistant in the Migrant Life Course and Legal Status Transition" project led by Professor Maarten Vink (Florence/Maastricht) and financed through the European Research Council. During her bachelors, Mira went to study abroad at the University of British Columbia in Canada with a subsequent internship at the German Consulate General in Vancouver. For her master's thesis, she collaborated with the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity in Göttingen. Upon completion of her master’s degree, Mira accepted a position as a pre-doctoral research fellow in the Department of Ethics, Law and Politics of the Institute, where she also assisted the former Director, Professor Ayelet Shachar from the University of Toronto. During this period, Mira was elected as the external PhD representative, taking up a leadership position in coordinating and connecting all PhD students with preparation and presentations to the Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board in 2020.

Mira’s expertise lies in comparative citizenship law and international citizenship policy. Her current research focuses on the acquisition of citizenship through financial means, also known as "citizenship-by-investment" programs. She has presented and continues to present her research to various bodies, including the OECD, the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, and the Max Planck Society. In her free time, Mira sings in the university choir, plays the guitar and enjoys performing concerts in front of large audiences.

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