Curriculum Vitae

Yuliya Byelikova is a Research Fellow at the Institute. She is an activist, expert on media and gender issues, trainer in Internews, USAID, GIZ and U-LEAD projects on anti-discrimination, media literacy and inclusion. Yuliya holds a PhD in social sciences, is a lecturer at the Chair of Social Communication at Kharkiv National Kuznets Economic University, alumna of the Open World Leadership Center program, member of the Sociological Association of Ukraine, and the Independent Media Union of Ukraine and the Committee Against Misogynist Industrial Advertising. She is the author of more than 80 scientific and educational publications in the field of gender theory, advertising, media communication, emotional leadership and methodology of opinion research.

Research Projects

Latest publications

Byelikova, Y. (2024). Challenges of Ukrainian refugees in Germany: Resources for women’s empowerment. Migration and Diversity, 3(1), 51-69. doi:10.33182/md.v3i1.3221

Karimi, A., & Byelikova, Y. (2024). Wartime (im)mobilities: effects of aspirations-capabilities on displaced Ukrainians in Canada and Germany and their viewpoints on those who remain in Ukraine. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. doi:10.1080/1369183X.2024.2305282.

Byelikova, Y., & Lysytsia, N. (2023). The influence of cultural factors on the reidentification of Ukrainian refugees. Transitions: Journal of Transient Migration, 7(1-2), 71-89. doi:10.1386/tjtm_00052_1.

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